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  • Research engineer position available at Penn

    McKay Orthopaedic Research Laboratory
    University of Pennsylvania

    The McKay Orthopaedic Research Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania ( is seeking an individual to fill a full time research engineer position. This laboratory is completing a major renovation including design of new laboratory facilities on campus, purchase of new equipment, and the addition of new faculty, staff, and students. Responsibilities for this available position include:
    1. Biomechanics research – literature search, manuscript preparation, group reports (5%)
    2. Protocol development – mechanical testing loading profile (5%)
    3. Conducting experiments – primarily mechanical testing of tissues (including tissue harvest and preparation, as well as animal handling when appropriate) with some basic histology (i.e., dissection, embedding, sectioning, and staining) (40%)
    4. Experimental Apparatus – design and construct new testing fixtures or equipment in on-site machine shop (10%)
    5. Data analysis – mechanical data (optical strain, calculating stiffness/modulus) (25%)
    6. Record keeping – detailed notes in lab notebook, including meeting minutes (10%)
    7. Other duties as assigned (5%)

    Collaborators include basic science and clinical faculty, research staff, students, residents, and fellows. The laboratories include capabilities for mechanical testing at large and small scales, device and component fabrication, and computing and image processing. Additional contiguous and collaborative orthopaedic research laboratory activities are devoted to biologic, biochemical, tissue and cell culture, and histologic studies of musculoskeletal tissues.

    The ideal candidate has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or biomedical engineering, and a minimum of 2-3 years of work experience, or a master’s degree in biomedical engineering or related field. Experience in soft tissues, tissue engineering, and/or upper extremity mechanics, as well as mechanical testing, device fabrication, computer skills, and basic statistics are all desirable but not required. Salary is competitive and based on experience with an excellent fringe benefit package. The position will be filled as soon as the appropriate individual is identified.

    Interested and qualified applicants should apply online at the following link:

    The reference number for the position is 111131757.
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