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PhD Position in Interdisciplinary Mathematics - Modelling of Screw Attachment

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  • PhD Position in Interdisciplinary Mathematics - Modelling of Screw Attachment

    There is a possibility to apply for one of four PhD positions in interdisciplinary mathematics at Uppsala University. We in the group for Materials in Medicine will support one or two students who are interested in pursuing this degree through a project we have proposed on modelling of the mechanical attachment of screws in bone: (from
    More information and a link for applying can be found here:
    Please note that you should contact me ( before applying, detailing your degree (a Master of Science in a field that is relevant for conducting research in applied mathematics is needed, e.g. mathematics, engineering physics or scientific computing. Candidates with a background in another area of science, e.g. chemistry or biology, with a strong competence and interest in mathematical modeling are also encouraged to apply.), and your experience in finite element analysis and mechanics.
    We will make an initial selection and support 1-2 candidates with the letter of support needed for applying. The final selection is then up to the centre for interdisciplinary mathematics. We need your application by the 16/12/2012 as the deadline for applying for the position through the centre for mathematics is the 22/12/2012.