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How to use the Jobs & Postions forum

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  • How to use the Jobs & Postions forum

    Here are some brief guidelines on how to use this forum.

    For posting:
    Any member of Biomch-L can start a thread in this forum. If you have additional announcements related to the same job or position, please post them in the same thread. This will make the thread appear at the top of the forum again, so the announcement will be noticed. Do not start a new thread unless it is for a new position. You are allowed to post as many additional updates of your offered job as you need.

    In a Subject area of your thread provide a title of your offered position and place (city and country) where it is offered. Many people will only see the Subject line in their daily e-mail, so the Subject must have enough information that people can decide whether or not to read the full posting.

    In a Body message provide a full description of the open position and link or an email address where the interested subscribers should submit their applications. Your message should be signed with a full name and affiliation.

    For following the announcements:
    If you are subscribed to the Jobs and Positions forum, you will receive an e-mail notification when new threads in this forum are started or have new postings. So you can simply keep an eye on the e-mail and click on the link in the e-mail if you want to read the actual postings. If you want to receive the postings themselves by e-mail, you can subscribe to the thread (rather than the forum). This will increase your e-mail volume, but saves you a trip to the website. There is an even more intense mode to follow threads, which is to request immediate e-mail notification of individual postings in the thread. You should do that selectively and is recommended for threads in which you are an active participant. Finally, you can also use RSS (see the FAQ) to follow the announcements in this forum.
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    Re: How to use the Jobs & Postions forum

    how do you delete a job posting?


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      Re: How to use the Jobs & Postions forum

      I believe that you can delete your own posting via the "Edit Post" button, but I prefer that postings are not deleted unless the posting was in error. It is good to have a historical record of jobs in biomechanics.

      Instead, you should reply to your own posting with a brief message that says that the position has been filled (or canceled if that is the case).

      Ton van den Bogert