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    Applications are invited for a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship with Dr. Reed Ferber, Director of the Running Injury Clinic in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. As part of the University’s Eyes High Postdoctoral Scholars Competition, Dr. Ferber was chosen as one of 60 researchers on campus invited to nominate a new scholar from outside the University who will increase research capacity. We expect these candidates to be of the highest calibre with a track record that would be competitive for national and international fellowships.

    We are seeking a Research Fellow who has expertise in Machine Learning or other advanced mathematical methods (e.g., Fractal Scaling Analysis, Neural Network, PCA) approaches to pattern recognition and identification of complex associations amongst biomechanical variables. Over the past 5 years, the Clinic has developed the world’s largest database of 3-dimensional biomechanical gait and clinical data. We have a network of 20 private physiotherapy/medical clinics and 9 other universities worldwide that contribute data to the database utilizing the 3D Gait Analysis System developed by Dr. Ferber and his team. The successful candidate will have access to this growing database for the purpose of hypothesis-driven research to better understand injury aetiology, prevention, and optimal rehabilitation as related to the Eyes High theme of “Engineering Solutions for Health.”

    Research will be carried out in the Running Injury Clinic which has state-of-the-art equipment including an 8-camera Vicon motion capture system, Bertec instrumented treadmill, clinical assessment tools, and excellent computing facilities. The research lab is well funded through various government and research foundation grants as well as philanthropic charitable donations. In addition, the Clinic has a strong history of research and development for the purpose of commercialization and knowledge translation.

    The successful candidate will become a valued member of various collaborative research groups. The Running Injury Clinic staff, students, and researchers consist of 16 bioengineers, biomechanists, clinical scientists, and certified health professionals (i.e. athletic and physical therapists) all working together in a dynamic research environment. You will also become a member of the Alberta Innovates: Health Solutions Osteoarthritis (OA) Team investigating OA from the genetic, cellular, tissue, pharmacological, biomechanical, treatment, and prevention perspective. Over 40 scientists and 50 trainees from the Universities of Calgary and Alberta are involved in this research program ( Finally, as part of our commitment to producing world-class researchers, a professional development program will be provided to the 60 successful Research Fellows recruited through this initiative along with campus‐wide programs of professional development.

    Information regarding the Clinic and our research can be found here:

    Information regarding the Postdoctoral Scholars Competition can be found here:

    Information regarding Dr. Ferber and the competition can be found here:

    Information regarding the Eyes High vision and strategy can be found here:

    Salary: $50,000/year for 2 years with full health benefits and an additional research allowance.

    Preferred starting date: May 2013

    Application: Please send expressions of interest and CV via e-mail by Feb 15, 2013 to:

    Reed Ferber Ph.D., CAT(C), ATC
    AHFMR Population Health New Investigator
    Associate Professor: Faculties of Kinesiology and Nursing
    Director: Running Injury Clinic