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  • Motion capture engineer wanted

    Company Overview
    Motus Global is a leading sports technology firm whose mission is to bring motion capture to the masses. As the official sponsor to IMG for motion capture, Motus uses 3D motion capture technology to track athletes through a variety of test protocols across many different sports. Data are analyzed and shared with sport coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, and physical therapists to help maximize physical training, improve motor patterns, and sports-specific technique development. The focus is both to reduce the risk for injury and to enhance athletic performance. Business relationships with other organizations, including professional sports teams, research institutes, and other technology firms, allow Motus to compete in the national and international markets.

    Job Description
    We are currently looking for an entry-level, sports-minded motion capture engineer to aid in collecting and processing 3D motion capture data of athletes, ranging from youth to elite professionals. Captures occur both in an indoor laboratory setting as well as mobile settings (e.g. baseball field, golf course, outdoor track, etc.). The ability to set up and maintain a motion capture in this variety of environments is integral. 2+ years of experience with Motion Analysis Corporation motion capture hardware and software is highly desirable. At least one of many other relevant skills and/or knowledge bases is also required. These include (but are not limited to):
    Animation, 3D modeling, biomechanics, anatomy & physiology, kinesiology, strength & conditioning, web development, database management, statistical analysis, and computer programming.

    Salary commensurate with experience and skill set. Start date is approximately February 1, 2013. The biomechanics lab for Motus is located on the campus of IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL.

    To apply, please provide cover letter, resume, and contact info for three references to Dave Fortenbaugh, PhD at

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    Re: Motion capture engineer wanted

    This position has been filled. Thank you.