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Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Translational Neurorehabilitation

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  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Translational Neurorehabilitation

    Three year T32 fellowship available in the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI), in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), for research training in cognitive (neuro)science and (neuro)rehabilitation. Available mentors and their fellows conduct federally funded research in areas ranging from basic cognitive neuroscience to applied assessment and treatment research. Research emphases include theories of normal and abnormal processing, theory-driven and naturalistic assessment methods, modulation of plasticity and learning mechanisms, and treatment trials in both traumatic brain injury and stroke. Areas of focus include action planning, motor learning, and attention/executive function, among others, using approaches that combine behavioral, imaging, electrophysiologic, and electrical and pharmacologic neuromodulation methods.
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