Arizona State University, School of Nutrition and Health Promotion encourages students with a strong foundation in movement science interested in an Interdisciplinary PhD Degree in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness (PANW) to apply for an open position in the Motor Control Laboratory supervised by Dr. Natalia Dounskaia. The lab focuses on studying control of human multi-joint movements, including three-dimensional arm movements and body movements during postural control and locomotion as well as effect of aging on control of multi-joint movements. Applicants interested in studying with Dr. Dounskaia need some experience in writing programs in Matlab , C++, or a comparative computer language. Competitive teaching assistantships are available in courses such as Human Functional Anatomy, Kinesiology or Exercise Physiology. More information is available from
Questions should be addressed to Dr. Pamela Swan (PANW Program Director, or Natalia Dounskaia (