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Masters / PhD Scholarship: Biomechanics of Resistance Training (Australia)

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  • Masters / PhD Scholarship: Biomechanics of Resistance Training (Australia)

    Australian-based Masters / PhD Scholarship (up to $AUS 25,392 tax free) : Biomechanics of Resistance Training

    We are seeking a highly motivated individual with a Honours or Masters degree in exercise or sport science, bio-engineering or similar areas of study to undertake a 3-year PhD which aims to investigate the biomechanical and to a lesser extent the motor control and/or physiological aspects of resistance training, in particular alternative forms of training such as strongman, resisted sled and kettlebell exercises. Exceptional students who have recently completed an undergraduate degree in these areas may also be considered for a 1-year Masters of Research degree, with the aim to transfer to a PhD in the second year. This study will be undertaken in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia.
    The intended project seeks to further understand the acute stresses that these exercises impose on the athletes, how to facilitate learning of efficient and safe technique and the chronic effect of such training on aspects of neuromuscular function. Comparisons of different techniques of performing an exercise could also be a substantial part of this research. While this research will focus on the biomechanics of resistance training, the exact nature of the Masters / PhD is relatively open, meaning that the student is expected to contribute to this strongly. However, potential projects may involve 3-D and/or 2-D motion capture, ground reaction forces, EMG, isoinertial force-power-velocity spectrum analyses. Measures of GPS, energy expenditure, cardio-respiratory function, body composition via DEXA etc may also be used to profile the athletes who regularly perform these exercises.
    The primary supervisor is a nationally-ranked strongman competitor and has very good links with strongman and powerlifting competitors and promoters in Australia. As such, participant recruitment will be relatively easy and will allow data collection at state- and national-level competitions.
    Expected starting time would be early-mid 2014.

    Experience in a number of biomechanical and physiological data collection techniques including GPS, inertial sensors, 2-D or 3-D motion capture, respiratory muscle, DEXA scans for body composition and bone mineral density, electromyography, force transducers and associated data analysis using Excel, Matlab, Labview and/or SPSS is required. Experience in 3-D motion and force capture via VICON will be especially relevant.
    Some experience with resistance training, especially the strength sports would also be advantageous but not essential.
    Non-English speaking students will also need to have IELTS accreditation, with an average of 7.0 required, and no less than 6.5 in either reading or writing.
    Possible Supervisory Team: Associate Professor Justin Keogh (primary), Associate Professor Mike Climstein and Associate Professor Chris McLellan, Department of Exercise and Sport Science, Institute of Health & Sport, Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia

    Further Details
    The PhD scholarship is valued at up to $AUS 25,392 (~$US 24,000) tax-free per year and also includes free tuition fees and generous project expenses and conference travel opportunities.
    Applications are welcome from highly qualified applicants both within Australia and from overseas. If you wish to apply, please initially contact the primary supervisor Associate Professor Justin Keogh on or 617 5595 4487. In your initial email, please attach a CV, copy of university transcripts, list of conferences and publications (if applicable), IELTS (for non-native English speakers) and a cover letter on why this project interests you.
    Australian or New Zealand residents should refer to for further details.
    Students from other countries should refer to
    All applications must be submitted to the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine Postgraduate Office by 7th October 2013 in order to be considered for this scholarship.