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ORAU Biomechanics and Soldier Performance in Natick, MA; NSRDEC-1206919733

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  • ORAU Biomechanics and Soldier Performance in Natick, MA; NSRDEC-1206919733

    Participating in advancement of Biomechanics and related human performance sciences research as related to gait, agility and mobility.

    · Engaging in continued knowledge and skill development while receiving mentorship to successfully solve research challenges related to load bearing equipment and personal protective equipment.

    · Participating in the execution, collection, processing, and analysis of applied biomechanics research, while utilizing force plates, treadmills, surface electromyography, motion capture equipment, as well as stationary and mobile metabolic measurement systems.

    · Collaborating with and traveling to other DoD organizations for possible field data collection efforts.

    · Experience and strong proficiency with Visual 3D and MATLAB software programs are desired for the appointment.

    · Experience in participating in human subjects research is essential and participant candidates must have excellent self-motivation skills.

    · Under this program, the participant will be exposed to a range of research opportunities such as the identification of biomechanical measures related to physical fatigue, agility, postural control, gait, or other movement paradigms which in turn facilitate the evaluation of materiel end items that the Soldier wears/uses.

    Phone: 410-306-9200