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Biomechanics Human Performance in Natick, MA; NSRDEC-1912400439

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  • Biomechanics Human Performance in Natick, MA; NSRDEC-1912400439

    Applicant must have demonstrated coursework and or interdisciplinary research experience that expands beyond primary program (e.g. Biomechanics doctoral program but coursework/research experience in exercise physiology etc). Additionally, applicants must demonstrate strong statistical analysis skills and abilities through coursework and research participation. Evidence of experience communicating results through peer-reviewed publications is a plus.

    · Participate in applied research focused on Soldier physical performance, load carriage, utilizing force plates, treadmills, electromyography, motion capture equipment, metabolic carts.

    · Participate in research concerning biomechanics (gait initiation, loading asymmetry, leg stiffness, stability, body posture, variability, etc) and physical performance as related to mobility, agility, obstacle negotiation.

    · Participate in research to extend energy expenditure modeling equations.

    · Statistically analyze, interpret, and report research findings in coordination with a mentor/ principal investigator.

    · Contribute on research reports and professional presentations as well as publishing results in peer-reviewed journals.

    · Participate in enthusiastic and mission-driven team environment.

    · Provide general scientific support to larger programmatic efforts.

    · Tune and refine research skills while addressing important biomechanics centric problems for the Army.

    · Engage in research leadership while receiving general supervision in order to successfully participate on important Army research.

    · Familiarity and experience with motion capture camera systems, force plates, surface electromyography, and related software such as MATLAB, Visual3D, SPSS is preferred.

    · Experience in directing and managing human subjects research is essential.

    · Demonstrated ability to lead author publications is required.

    Phone: 410-306-9200