We are searching for suitable candidates to apply for an Australian Post-Graduate Award PhD Scholarship in Exercise Science (3.5 years full time). We have a well-equipped biomechanics and motor control laboratory that includes 12 camera Qualisys three-dimensional motion capture system, two in ground force plates, wireless EMG, 10m x 4m projection screen, a batting cage for striking sports such as cricket and baseball, occlusion glasses for vision research, three high-speed cameras that can be synchronised, video editing software and professional cameras. Industry links are also available with the Western Australia Cricket Association, Perth Heat Baseball Team, Western Force Rugby and National Stroke Foundation WA. We are open to projects that have either a combined or individual focus on biomechanics and motor control. Ideally the potential topics should come from the following areas: sports injury prevention, osteoarthritis prevention and interventions, expertise and motor skill learning in sport and relearning of skills in stroke. Supervision will be provided by Dr. Alasdair Dempsey (Biomechanics) and Dr. Sean Muller (Motor Control). Applications are due to Murdoch University by 31st October 2013, contact Alasdair (a.dempsey@murdoch.edu.au) or Sean (s.muller@murdoch.edu.au) for further information.

Students must be either Australian or New Zealand citizens who hold or expect to obtain Bachelor Degree with 2A Honours or higher.