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    Biomechanics Research Building - UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA AT OMAHA

    The Biomechanics Research Building (BRB) and its associated programs at the University of Nebraska at Omaha ( have several positions available to pursue an MS and/or PhD degree for the Fall of 2014. The purpose of the research performed in BRB is to develop a new understanding of the dynamical aspects of human movement. Our environment is a flourishing enterprise where engineers, scientists and clinicians get together to gain additional insights on healthy and abnormal movement patterns. In the laboratories of our building we use techniques from biology, engineering and mathematics to understand human movement variability. Research projects range from analysis of infant postural development to efficacy of various treatment modalities for lower limb dysfunction secondary to arterial disease ( Please be aware, the deadline for application to Graduate Studies Programs for the fall semester is April 1st for international students and June 1st for US applicants.

    DEGREES OFFERED: The two degrees offered are MS ( and PhD ( with concentrations in Biomechanics and in Motor Control.

    RESPONSIBILITIES: There are a variety of graduate assistantship positions available for research assignments. Duties include subject recruitment, data collection and processing for research and laboratory maintenance. Research projects can range from state and federally funded projects to academic research pursuits. Students can choose different avenues of research under different advisors: Dr. Nick Stergiou (Human movement variability with special focus on sitting posture in infants, locomotor and postural patterns in healthy and in pathological populations including Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Pulmonary dysfunctions and Amputees) Dr. Mukul Mukherjee (Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Virtual Reality, Locomotor Adaptation, Brain Imaging, Robotics, and human movement variability) or Dr. Sara Myers (Peripheral Arterial Disease, cognitive loading and aging locomotion, and human movement variability). Please contact the advisor you would like to work with for more information.

    PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: BS or MS in Motor Control, Psychology, Exercise Science, Biology, Biomechanics, Biomedical Engineering or a related field. Experiences with computer programming (e.g. MatLab, LabView, C++), biomechanics data collection and professional writing skills are preferred.

    SETTING: The Biomechanics Research Building is located on the campus of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The two-story building boasts 23,000 square feet of laboratory, office and collaboration space. The new building features seven laboratories, patient evaluation room, changing rooms, machine shop, washroom, four conference rooms, two data processing rooms, a library, numerous faculty offices and student workstations. The seven laboratories, all on the first floor, include: 1) Gait laboratory – Only slightly smaller than the size of a basketball court with 24’ ceilings, this laboratory features eight force plates, an instrumented treadmill, safety harness system and 3D digital motion capture. 2) Virtual reality laboratory – A 43’ x 29’ laboratory housing an instrumented split-belt treadmill, body weight support system, 3D digital motion capture and custom virtual reality set-up. 3) Motor development laboratory – Set up as a traditional living room with couches, tables and lamps, this laboratory features a force plate embedded into a floor. This allows for a natural environment to perform postural development studies in children. 4) Balance and strength laboratory – A 22’ x 29’ laboratory that features a clinical + research module Balance Manager by Neurocom®, a portable digital force plate and an isokinetic dynamometer. 5) Upper extremity robotics laboratory – This laboratory is 13’ x 22’ space that is the home to our upper extremity rehabilitation robot, a 3D digital motion capture and brain imaging devices (fNIRS and EEG). 6) Acoustics laboratory – This space is designed to conduct auditory or cognitive tasks in a 17’ x 12’ sound proof room with a computerized speech system. 7) Motor Learning laboratory – This laboratory is specially designed to host studies in motor learning and robotics, specifically as an external work site for local surgeons to receive training on the daVinci robot. This 16’ x 26’ space holds all custom equipment that has been built to facilitate these projects. Also included on the first floor is the machine shop (30’ x 15’), a washroom for casting (8’ x 15’), a patient evaluation room, men’s and women’s changing rooms and restrooms. It’s awesome. BRB has strong ties with the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the Omaha Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center, the Creighton University Medical Center, and the University of Nebraska Lincoln College of Engineering. These strong relationships and the close proximity of these facilities provide the laboratory with immediate access to patients with neuromuscular disorders, clinicians in various domains, and engineers.

    Omaha is more than simply our location; the city truly functions as part of our campus. With more than 400,000 residents, and a population of more than 1.2 million within a 50-mile radius, Nebraska's largest city is also integral to what UNO is as a university. The city is vital to our student life, academics, athletics and mission as a university. Omahans love this city, and others outside of our region are recognizing Omaha's allure. In fact, our recent endorsements come from many quarters including: a) Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, which named Omaha the #3 city to live, work and play in the nation, b) The Daily Beast, which voted Omaha the #2 Best City for Recent Grads, c) Forbes, which voted Omaha the #5 Best City for Young Professionals, and d) The Fiscal Times, which voted Omaha the #1 U.S. City with the Biggest Bang for Your Buck. While it is a thriving metropolitan center and the largest city in the state, Omaha is quintessentially Midwestern. Residents enjoy the benefit of four seasons and find outdoor activities plentiful year-round. Located on the eastern border of Nebraska, near the Missouri River that we share with Iowa, the city of Omaha is a center of creativity, business and philanthropy. This is where Fortune 500 companies, visionary nonprofits, award-winning arts and culture, and innovative start-ups flourish, and attract a range of world-class talent—from entrepreneurs to artists. You can take in a concert at the Century Link Center or the world famous Holland Performing Arts Center, catch an art house film at the internationally recognized Film Streams, stroll the more than 100 acres at the Lauritzen Gardens, or shop and dine to your heart's content in the Old Market, Midtown Crossing or Aksarben Village. Take a walk from Nebraska to Iowa—and back again on the Bob Kerrey Bridge. This landmark offers a memorable view of Omaha's skyline and is a prominent feature of our newly reinvigorated waterfront. We're also proud to say we've been the home to the NCAA Division I College World Series for more than 60 years as well as the 2008 and 2012 U.S. Olympic Swim Trials.
    APPLICATIONS: For further information go to