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PhD - Using 3D printing and biomechanics to enhance CPR; Cardiff University, UK

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  • PhD - Using 3D printing and biomechanics to enhance CPR; Cardiff University, UK

    Using ‘Digital’ Materials to Establish a Novel Investigative Platform for Cardiac Arrest
    Fully funded scholarship (for UK/EU students; overseas students to pay the 'top-up' for tuition fees)

    This project will use an innovative manufacturing process, involving ‘digital’ materials (i.e. compounds formed by blending different proportions of the two base materials), to manufacture a 'human' heart that can accurately simulate blood output during compression. Subsequently, this project will provide a platform to optimise CPR techniques and developing enhanced training manikins.

    (i) Mapping the heterogeneous material properties of the human heart; critical to identifying the most appropriate digital materials.
    (ii) Identifying the most appropriate 3D printing protocol: The heterogeneous material properties and intricate internal architecture means that producing a geometrically accurate heart model is complex, complicated further by a need to use durable and robust materials.
    (iii) Integrating a resistive pressure equivalent to the circulatory system: A sophisticated mechanical system will be developed to replicate the non-linear resistive pressure experienced during CPR, as a consequence of the viscoelastic behaviour of the blood vessels surrounding the heart.
    (iv) Model validation: Initial validation will consider the geometric comparison between the model and the original computer tomography (CT) data, whilst echocardiography will be used to ultimately validate fluid flow through the heart during contraction representative of the healthy cardiac cycle.

    Candidates should possess a first degree at 2.1, or non-UK equivalent, as minimum. This project will start on or about the 1st July 2014.

    For further information, please visit:, or email


    Peter Theobald PhD
    Biomedical Engineering Research Group
    Cardiff School of Engineering
    Cardiff University