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Two Jobs at Medical School

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  • Two Jobs at Medical School

    A.T. Still University (Kirksville, MO, USA) has two jobs available, one is a Research Assistant Professor, the second is an Assistant or Associate Research Scientist; both positions are biomechanics related. I have provided two links in case the description formatting makes it difficult to read.

    Description for the Research Assistant Professor:

    Job Description Worksheet — Salaried

    Job Title Research Assistant Professor Department A.T. Still Research Institute (ATSRI)
    Job Code Number 521 Date Prepared April 2014
    Prepared By Anita Franklin Title Executive Assistant, RGIS
    Approved By John T. Heard, PhD and
    Brian Degenhardt, DO
    Title Vice President for RGIS;
    Director, A.T. Still Research Institute and Assistant Vice President, Osteopathic Research
    I. Reporting Relationship
    To whom does the employee in this job report to directly? (List job title of supervisor):
    Reports ultimately to the vice president for research, grants, and information systems, John T. Heard, Ph.D. and
    Brian Degenhardt, D.O., assistant vice president for osteopathic research and director, A.T. Still Research Institute.
    Reports directly to the associate director for research, A.T. Still Research Institute.
    II. General Job Purpose or Function
    Enter a general summary of the purpose and functions of this job. Make the summary in this section as brief as possible.
    The Research Assistant Professor will work on independent and collaborative projects related to the research mission of the A.T. Still Research Institute. This person will exhibit leadership in developing and supporting comprehensive, integrated clinical and basic research in areas fundamental to clinical medicine and the ancillary sciences. Research projects will focus on, but not be limited to, mechanistic studies to improve understanding of musculoskeletal function and therapies designed to optimize this system’s function. This person must have expertise in using sEMG, motion capturing systems, and other instrumentation that can be used to objectify musculoskeletal function. This person will prepare and submit research proposals for both internal and external grant funding mechanisms to support his/her research, and she/he will present research both in written and oral presentations at appropriate forums. Grant writing, obtaining external funding and peer-reviewed publications are the primary metrics for determining successful activity in this position. This person will attempt to recruit students to work on projects that she/he supervises. This person may participate in other academic functions, but in no case may he/she devote more then 10 % of his/her time to these activities.
    III. Major Job Duties
    List the major activities or tasks performed by the employee in this job (Most important duties first):
    · Develops and implements his/her own research activities, timetables, and procedures
    · Prepares relevant research and funding applications
    · Presents research both in publication and oral presentation formats
    · Attempts to develop research collaborations with local, national, and international investigators
    · Recruits students to work on research protocols
    · Serves on research committees and function-related workgroups as assigned by the Director and Assoc. Director
    · Assists the Director and Assoc. Director in communication and dissemination on Institute-related information as needed (e.g., research activities)
    · Travels to and coordinates/participates in research-related meetings, locally, nationally, and internationally as relevant

    IV. Job Responsibilities
    A. Programs or Services
    · Conduct appropriate scholarly research activity
    · Secure external funding for long-term support of research and position
    · Train and mentor health sciences students involved in research projects
    · Assume committee responsibilities as requested
    B. Supervision
    1. List job titles and numbers of employees in each job title supervised by this employee: Designate the appropriate type of supervision.
    Number *Type of Supervision
    Job Title Employees Direct Indirect Shared
    *Direct Supervision: Sole immediate supervisor of employee(s). Example: Director of Nursing Services directly supervises Unit Directors.
    Indirect Supervision: Supervises through subordinate supervisor(s). Example: Director of Nursing Services indirectly supervises (through Unit Directors and Charge Nurses) entire nursing staff.
    Shared Supervision: Shares supervisory responsibility with other supervisor(s). Example: One secretary working with several supervisors.
    2. Check supervisory duties for which employee in this job is responsible:
    Selecting New Employees Acting on Employee Problems
    X Instructing Transferring/Promoting
    X Assigning Work (Recommend? Approve? )
    X Reviewing Work Disciplining
    X Planning Work of Others (Recommend? Approve? )
    X Maintaining Standards Salary Increases
    Allocating Personnel (Recommend? Approve? )
    3. Record any further comments necessary to clarify supervisory responsibility:
    C. Budgetary Responsibility
    Does the employee in this position have responsibility for budget development and monitoring?
    X Yes (Direct Responsibility? Assists? X )
    Amount of annual budget for which employee is responsible: $ Variable dependent upon Grant Funding.
    Comments: This individual will assist with developing budgets within research proposals submitted for
    funding and administration of budget for assigned research projects.

    D. Judgment/Decision Making
    Check to what extent this job requires judgment decision-making. In areas checked, please site a brief example of a typical problem.
    X Problems usually affect only own department. Example: Prioritizing own activities.
    X Problems affect other departments. Example: Collaborative research projects.
    X Problems usually affect overall institutional operation. Example: Successful implementation of research
    grants will impact ATSU’s overall research program. Strong working relationships with faculty,
    administration, and staff are essential.
    Additional Comments:
    The Research Assistant Professor must work in harmony with faculty, collaborative researchers, and students
    in order to maximize the impact/outcomes of research activities.
    E. Equipment and Properties for which Employee is Responsible
    Item(s) Estimated Value
    To be determined. $
    F. Other Areas of Responsibility
    As assigned.
    V. Education/Training
    Please check the blank that indicates the minimum educational requirement for the job, not your own educational background.
    Less than a high school diploma
    High school diploma or equivalent
    High school plus one year technical training or schooling
    Two year college certificate or equiv. Type
    Four year college degree. Major
    X College plus postgraduate studies. Type Doctorate
    Please list specific areas in which an employee in this position must have knowledge:
    · Desired educational credentials include a D.O. degree and/or a Ph.D. in relevant area.
    · Working knowledge and successful record of research design/activities and grant writing.
    VI. Experience Requirements
    Please check the amount needed to perform this job prior to placement:
    None X Two to three years
    Less than one year Three to five years
    One to two years Five to ten years
    Over ten years
    List specific experience needed to successfully perform the job:
    Experience in assisting with implementation/coordination of new and ongoing research activities.
    Excellent written and verbal communication skills and be knowledgeable of NIH or other equivalent funding sources.
    Must have prior experience in research and a proven track record or strong potential for external funding.
    VII. Skill Requirements
    Please list any skills required in the performance of the job:
    Excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills together with interpersonal and written communication skills.
    Must have the ability to coordinate multiple activities at once, quickly analyze and resolve specific problems, and
    cope with deadlines.
    Must be analytical, detail oriented, flexible, yet decisive.
    Must be resourceful, creative, and professional.
    Computer/software skills.
    Must be able to interact in a positive and cooperative manner with multiple individuals and organizations.
    VIII. Equipment
    List any special equipment the employee in this job must use in performing the job:
    · General office equipment
    · Interactive video/conferencing technology
    · Surface electromyography, motion capturing systems
    IX. Personal Characteristics or Traits
    List any personal characteristics or traits which may be critical to an employee’s ability to do this job well (i.e. aptitudes, interests, temperaments, strengths):
    · Requires confidence and efficiency in professional interaction and communication skills.
    · Industrious, a team player who can also work independently.
    · Must be tactful, assertive, detail oriented, and highly organized.
    · Must be a self-starter and self-driven while able to work as a team member.
    X. Other Information
    List any additional information necessary for an adequate description of this job that has not been covered in previous sections, and enter any necessary explanation or elaboration of previous entries.
    Some travel may be necessary.