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Research Physical Therapist at National Institutes of Health

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  • Research Physical Therapist at National Institutes of Health

    The Functional & Applied Biomechanics Section in the Rehabilitation Medicine Department at the NIH Clinical Center is seeking a licensed physical therapist with a MS or DPT degree who is interested in serving as the therapist for research efforts relating to the assessment and quantification of human movement in those with neurological or neuromotor disabilities. To apply for this position, the applicant must have previous clinical or research experience with 3D motion capture in patients with neurological disorders.

    Summary of duties:
    As the Research Physical Therapist in the Functional & Applied Biomechanics Section, you would report directly to Dr. Diane Damiano, the Chief of the Section and your major duties would include the following:
    1. Working with the Section administration to help coordinate scheduling of all patients and research subjects for motion studies and other types of motor assessments performed in the section
    2. Perform physical measurements and assessments for the motion studies as needed
    3. Become an expert in gait analysis methods and interpretation
    4. Perform accurate placement of kinematic markers and EMG electrodes for motion studies.
    5. Assisting/ directing patients and subjects during the motion assessments in collaboration with the engineers and other staff.
    6. Working closely with Section Chief, staff scientists and engineers to ensure data quality and accuracy
    7. Assist in reviewing, processing, entering and interpreting data for clinical and research studies
    8. Working with the Medical Director, the section chief, staff scientists, engineers and others to prepare clinical reports and to ensure that they are distributed in a timely manner to the referring physician and placed in the medical record.
    9. Attend meetings, rounds and training sessions as requested by the section, department and clinical center
    10. Help in the design and writing of new scientific protocols and in providing data for their annual review.
    11. Prepare and assist with the preparation of scientific manuscripts, abstracts and posters. You will also be involved in presenting abstracts and posters and other talks in the department, at the NIH and at local, national, and international meetings.
    12. Supervise trainees who are interested in learning more about 3D motion analysis and other instrumented, clinical and computer based motor assessments and who will be pursuing a career in some aspect of biomechanics from an advanced clinical or research standpoint.
    13. Assist in the development and evaluation of new equipment, devices or assessment tools and procedures to be used for clinical support or scientific protocols within the section
    14. Assist other staff scientists, special volunteers and trainees within the section with data collection, processing and analysis for their protocols as requested

    If interested, please contact Diane Damiano ( for more information.