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Laboratory Manager - Samuel Merritt University, Oakland CA, USA

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  • Laboratory Manager - Samuel Merritt University, Oakland CA, USA

    Laboratory Manager, Motion Analysis Research Center
    Position #: SMU-1412103
    Samuel Merritt University
    450 30th Street
    Oakland, CA 94609

    Summary of position:
    The Laboratory Manager of the Motion Analysis Research Center (MARC) is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the MARC in order to meet its mission for research, clinical practice, service, and teaching. The Laboratory Manager must operate all equipment and assure that the MARC’s resources are fully operational. The Laboratory Manager participates in marketing, strategic planning, and growth of the MARC. The Laboratory Manager will participate as a member of the research team on research projects.

    1. Research and Clinical Services
      • Participates in research projects, including administering all elements of the research protocol to research subjects.
      • Supports faculty research projects, including methods, data collection and data analysis.
      • Supervise and mentor students on research projects in the MARC.
      • Runs clinical studies, including patient/client consent and instructions.

    2. Lab Maintenance and Function
      • Develops and implements processes and procedures to maintain a fully functional laboratory, including all equipment.
      • Operates the lab, including instrument calibration, quality control, maintenance, repair, testing and acquisition.
      • Operates all software applications used in the lab.
      • Solves problems that may arise with equipment and software.
      • Develops and maintains relationships with vendors and other external parties that support the MARC.

    3. Data Management
      • Collects data from lab equipment used in clinical services, research and teaching.
      • Prepares data for interpretation and analysis.
      • Interprets and analyzes data from research and clinical studies.
      • Develops and implements systems for data storage, retrieval, and back-up that meet requirements of Institutional Review Boards and regulations concerning patient confidentiality and privacy and that assure data integrity and quality.

    4. Planning, Marketing, and Financial Operations
      • Participates in the MARC strategic plan and marketing.
      • Assists with development of the operating and capital budgets to support the MARC strategic plan and ongoing operations.

    5. Teaching
      • Trains all users on how to use the lab equipment.
      • Participate in teaching and learning activities, including assisting instructors and leading instructional activities, for students, faculty and staff from all programs and clinical services using the MARC.
      • Develop and implement teaching and learning activities in consultation with other faculty who use the MARC to advance student learning.

    Qualifications and Required Skills:
    1. Master’s degree (minimum) in related field, e.g. biomedical engineering, biomechanics, exercise science.
    2. Able to collect and analyze data generated from MARC systems including 3D motion capture, force platforms, EMG, dynamic posturography and pressure mapping.
    3. Experience with Qualisys 3D motion capture, Novel emed pressure mapping, and Delsys EMG.
    4. Experience running computer software programs to operate all of the equipment and for data analysis, such as MatLab and Visual 3D.
    5. Previous experience with motion analysis lab management.

    How to apply:
    Go to and follow link to online application website.
    Shortlisting of applicants will commence 9:00am PDT, August 1st, 2014.

    Professor Drew Smith
    Director, Motion Analysis Research Center
    Telephone: [+1] (510) 869-6511 ext. 3752

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    Re: Laboratory Manager - Samuel Merritt University, Oakland CA, USA

    Just a friendly reminder to anyone interested in this position: the review of applicants will start in one week's time: August 1st, 2014.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (see contact details below).

    Thank you.