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PhD scholarship at University of Verona

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  • PhD scholarship at University of Verona

    Ph.D. program in Neuroscience, Psychological And Psychiatric Sciences - XXXI Cycle, A.Y. 2015/2018
    Coordinator: Prof. Leonardo Chelazzi
    Movement Sciences

    PhD scholarship at University of Verona

    Title of the project
    Design, manufacturing and testing human powered boats for disabled people

    Project details:
    The ultimate goal of this project is to provide more effective mobility on water to disabled people (fitness, sport, tourism). In this project the candidate will work within an already existing team to design, manufacture and test in laboratory and in water some human powered boats for disabled people. The main objectives will be: 1) the completion of the development of the already existing first prototype (“Handwaterbike1”, HWB1), 2) the design, manufacturing and testing of a second prototype, HWB2, and 3) the research on specific boat-human interface aids such as on-board cruise aids, metabolic holter and temperature/humidity based devices for monitoring the bedsore risk. The research team consists of Dr. Luca P. Ardigò, Dr. Massimo Spoladore and Dr. Michele Dalla Piazza from the School of Exercise and Sport Science, University of Verona, and Dr. Giuseppe Carignani and colleagues from The OpenWaterbike Project.
    Salary is funded by the University of Verona.
    Candidates must have a Master or equivalent degree. Research experience with experimental and computational Mechanical Engineering and Exercise Physiology will be advantageous.
    Interested candidates should contact Dr Luca P. Ardigò,

    Candidates can find further information about the Program objectives and its Curricula by visiting the Verona University web site at the following link:

    Closing date: 14:00 CET 12/06/2015

    Start date: 01/10/2015

    Salary/stipend: € 13.638,47 (net) per year