This work represents the last task of the french project “Sinus Surf”. Project "SinusSurf", involves researchers from 4 French labs specialized in cell biomechanics and mechanobiology and biomaterials and is funded by the French National Research Agency. The aim is here to use and implement an existent computational model of adherent cell to quantify the mechanical state of the cell depending on its adhesion conditions on sinusoidal surfaces. Results from the model correlated to the biological observations and measurements may lead to identify an optimal topography controlling cell activity.
The position starts from now.

Skills: No prerequisite knowledge in cell biology will be assumed but the candidate has to possess theoretical and technical knowledge in computational mechanics and programming language (python, fortran).

Salary: 1800€ per month

Location : Interdisciplinary Group in Osteoarticular and Cardiovascular Biomechanics
Institut du Mouvement et de l’appareil Locomoteur (IML)
Institute of Movement Sciences (UMR 7287) Aix-Marseille University & CNRS

Duration : 12 months
Contact :