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tenure track assistent professor in neuromuscular modelling

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  • tenure track assistent professor in neuromuscular modelling

    Dear all,

    We are searching for an assistent professor (tenure track) in neuromuscular modelling to lead a ground-breaking research programme in the field of neuromusculoskeletal modelling with an emphasis on the periphery of the neuromuscular part, i.e. the reflexive feedback loop, including modulation, and dynamic properties of muscles and muscle sensors. The candidate should be able to extend the existing large-scale musculoskeletal models with neural feedback loops including muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs. Clinical applications are foreseen in stroke, spinal cord injured patients, muscle dystrophy, and in orthopaedics, such as analysing the effect of tendon transfers.

    Applicants should have the following qualifications:
    • A PhD degree related to mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, control engineering or human movement science, with a strong background in (neuromuscular) control.
    • A strong interest in research beyond the applicant's own specialisation is expected.
    • An affinity for working at the interface with other disciplines (medical doctors, neuroscientists, human movement scientists, etc.) is preferred.
    • An excellent academic track record reflected by peer-reviewed journal publications, conference contributions, and international research experience.
    • Experience in teaching and and mentoring of students is considered an advantage.
    • A fluent command of English is mandatory.
    • Extensive knowledge of Human Movement Control, Biomechanics and System Identification is an asset.

    For more information, see our website:

    with kind regards,

    Frans van der Helm