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Research Technician II in Orthopaedics at Duke University Medical Center

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  • Research Technician II in Orthopaedics at Duke University Medical Center

    The Orthopaedic Research lab at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC is looking for a Research Technician II that will work on developing strategies to prevent osteoarthritis and to promote tissue repair and regeneration following joint injuries. This job will require the applicant to do the following:

    Work with a group of investigators to plan experimental studies that address project aims

    Conduct a variety of investigations (includes literature reviews, planning actual experiments, troubleshooting experiments, etc.)

    Responsible for cell culture (includes sterile technique for isolating and maintaining a variety of cell types and tissues, using virus in culture, etc.)

    Perform molecular biology techniques and biochemical assays (RNA extraction from cells and tissues, PCR, protein extraction, Western blot ,ELISA, assays for extracellular matrix components, etc.)

    Perform microscopy and histology of cells and tissues

    Perform mechanical testing of tissues

    Maintain mouse colonies (includes animal maintenance and identification, experiments such as genotyping, surgery, tissue, and cell isolations)

    Meet with PI to present results and discuss data analysis and future experiments

    Prepare reports and/or publications

    Provide general laboratory support and other duties as required

    Requires a bachelor's in biology, engineering, or a related field.

    Apply at using job requisition # 400972074.