Looking for an extremely motivated candidate with a Masters or PhD in Biomechanics and/or Biomedical Engineering or a related field (preference will be given to Post-Doctoral candidates but very qualified Masters candidates will also be considered). This individual will join the team working in the first private clinical/sports/research laboratory that has been opened by a new company called Mechanical Medicine (http://www.mechanicalmedicine.com/) located in gorgeous, sunny Southern California (Los Angeles) in the South Bay beach communities.

Mechanical Medicine is a new company focusing on branding and monetizing human motion data. The company has the goal of making human motion data useful to clinicians/coaches/trainers for sports and medical application purposes. This lab will also target consumers by creating reasonably priced standardized protocols designed for the evaluation and tracking/ranking of performance. The goals are to use a combination of motion capture, IMUs, and force plates to create hybrid models that can be used incorporated in end user wearable products as well as used in simple movement/skill biomechanical reports.

This position is based in Mechanical Medicine’s first lab, which is located within the Beach Cities Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (http://www.beachcitiesortho.com/) Torrance facility. This location will allow for the collaboration with various clinicians (orthopedic surgeons, podiatrist, chiropractors, and physical therapists) in the collection of data that will help in the evaluation and treatment of common orthopedic problems, as well as in optimizing sports performance. Working with our clinical partners, we also hope to develop protocols for monitoring post-operative and post-injury rehabilitation progression for various pathologies.

Mechanical Medicine has also developed the first truly adjustable foot orthotic (SelnerTX ®) that has been designed to control the ground reaction forces generated during closed kinetic chain movements. The successful candidate will join the team that is involved in ongoing testing of this device before it goes to market in the near future.

The lab is equipped with various technologies that were chosen for their ability to quantify human motion/performance. These include:

  • 10 camera motion capture system and Cortex analysis software from Motion Analysis Corporation
  • 2 AMTI force platforms
  • Noraxon MyoMotion Clinical 5 sensor wireless 3D motion capture system
  • Fusion SmartSpeed Pro timing gates
  • Viveonoetic Eq02 Equivital Life Monitor – Continuous ambulatory physiological monitoring system
  • StrikeResearch – StrikeMate Impact force measuring device.
  • Lafayette Instruments - Stability platform with digital controls
  • The Quick Board – Assessment and training system
  • Scifit Pro2 Total Body system for measuring upper and lower body power, energy and fatigue during exercise
  • A 3D body scanner for structural evaluation of extremely accurate anthropometric measures
  • Fusion Sports - Smartabase Data Managing System

  • Various clinical tools (i.e. MRI, Xray, etc.)

Candidates should be extremely personal, organized and self-motivated. They should also have experience with several of the following:

  • Experience with motion capture data collection and processing as applied to the field of orthopedic medicine and/or sports performance
  • Experience with IMU technology
  • Experience with motion capture (specifically MAC) and Force Platforms
  • Experience with the integration of IMU technology and motion capture in order to develop hybrid models that can quickly and accurately capture and process human motion data for various applications
  • Experience with signal processing, specifically with IMUs involving wearable technologies
  • Experience with MatLab, Python, MAC Cortex
  • Understanding and ability to develop GUIs and Visual reporting
  • Experience conducting gait analysis in a research or clinical setting
  • Experience with forward dynamics modeling

Salary is negotiable and dependent upon the qualifications of the successful candidate. The successful applicant will also participate in profit sharing and have input into the future direction of the lab and the company. To apply for this position, please forward a letter of intent/interest and your CV to Dr. Scott K. Lynn at slynn@fullerton.edu. Further questions regarding the position can also be directed to Dr. Lynn via email.