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Postdoctoral position: Biomechanics-Hand

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  • Postdoctoral position: Biomechanics-Hand

    Postdoctoral position - Biomechanics and musculoskeletal modeling of the hand

    Keywords: Biomechanics, Hand, Musculoskeletal model, Muscle physiology, Electromyography, Grip tasks.

    The research team, part of Institute of Movement Sciences at the Aix-Marseille University, uses experimental and computational approaches to better the understanding of hand biomechanics and improve tool ergonomics and upper limb rehabilitation.
    Applications are invited for a research associate position for the development and personalization of hand and wrist musculoskeletal models. In particular, we are looking for candidates to integrate aspects of muscle-tendon dynamics within such models and estimate physiological parameters from in vivo dynamometric and electromyography measurements.
    The project will require the implementation of new features in an existing models and/or the development of optimization procedures.

    • PhD (or equivalent experience) in engineering, bioengineering, computer sciences or kinesiology, preferably related to biomechanics.
    • High level of competence in computer languages, especially MATLAB.
    • Expertise in muscle modeling and/or musculoskeletal modeling
    • Experience of recording and processing in electromyography signal
    • Experience in motion capture (kinematics, dynamometry)• Good knowledge of hand anatomy/functioning is preferable

    • Competence at writing and presenting in scientific English at a level suitable for conference presentations and peer reviewed journal publications
    • Basic knowledge of French is preferable

    • 12 months contract starting as soon as the position is fulfilled
    • Salary: to be discussed depending on experience
    • Location: Campus of Luminy, Institut des Sciences du Mouvement (UMR CNRS 7287) Marseille France.

    L. Vigouroux (PhD), Institute of Movement Sciences, Aix Marseille University. (

    Application process:
    Email a CV and a cover letter to Dr. Laurent Vigouroux (

    The position is open until filled.


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    Vigouroux, L. Goislard de Monsabert B. Berton E., 2015. Estimation of hand and wrist muscle capacities in rock-climbers. European Journal of Applied Physiology. 115, 947-957.