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PhD project: Finite element modeling and biomechanical analysis of fall injuries

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  • PhD project: Finite element modeling and biomechanical analysis of fall injuries


    The Division of Neuronic Engineering at KTH in Stockholm focuses the research on impact injury biomechanics, with main focus on the head and neck. Finite Element (FE) models of the human neck and head have been developed over the years to study the neck and head kinematics as well as injurious loadings of various kinds. This research project will be conducted in close cooperation with the Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) in design of new certification tests and with industrial partners such as PEAB and SDAB for development of innovative pavement surfaces.


    Fall injuries are the most common type of injury in Sweden, leading to more deaths, more hospital admissions and more emergency room visits than any other type of injury. Fall injuries accounts for 55% of all deaths caused by injuries resulting in over 5 times as many deaths as traffic accidents. The scientific goal of the project is to increase understanding of the biomechanics behind fall injuries and to develop new test methods that ensure an appropriate injury protection. This will lead to improved paving on walkways, bike paths and playgrounds, which should reduce the number of injuries and deaths. This goal will be achieved through a combination of simulations of real-life accidents, experimental and computational investigation of injury thresholds, and the design of new certification tests. By the FE method, it is possible to study the kinematics as well as the stress and deformations of the tissues. Inspired by developments in the playground surfaces we will now develop cushioning material for road surfaces.

    This project is expected to create more reliable interpretation of the injury mechanisms associated with falls. The goal is to use and adapt anatomically-based 3D models of the human body for adults, children of different ages and older to predict damage due to external loads. This project will create individual-specific simulation models that can be used for safer interpretation of the mechanisms associated with the trauma and ultimately lead to better protection.

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology is seeking a highly motivated recently graduated Master (Of Science) in Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Physics or equivalent, preferably with a biomechanics background.


    For more information please contact Prof. Svein Kleiven, E-mail:
    OBS! You can apply for this job no later than June 1st, 2016 via an online application:
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