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Musculoskeletal model development, Coventry University, UK

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  • Musculoskeletal model development, Coventry University, UK

    This project will research a method for introducing fatiguing characteristics into a locomotor muscle representation suitable for utilisation in a full body musculoskeletal model. Biomechanics of Bodies (BoB), see, is a musculoskeletal model which has been developed at Coventry University and is being used at over 300 universities worldwide. However BoB, along with many other musculoskeletal models, operates with a basic locomotor muscle model which does not include many of the physiological characteristics of real muscle tissue. The most significant factor absent in these muscle models in the ability of the muscle model to display fatiguing characteristics as observed in human muscle. The introduction of the ability to represent locomotor muscle fatiguing characteristics into a musculoskeletal model will advanced the field of biomechanics and will significantly broaden the potential applications of the analysis. This project will research methods and analytical techniques to introduce a fatiguing capability into a musculoskeletal model.

    The successful applicant will receive a bursary plus tuition fees. To apply for this position see:

    James Shippen
    Coventry University, UK