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Research & Clinical Lab Manager, Fredericton, Canada

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  • Research & Clinical Lab Manager, Fredericton, Canada


    The Andrew and Marjorie McCain Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick consists of a team of researchers who are involved in human movement research, mainly from a biomechanical and neuromuscular physiological perspective. The Research and Clinical Lab Manager is responsible for supporting and enhancing the HPL research agenda, undergraduate and graduate student research training, and lab maintenance. Additional responsibilities include provision of clinical gait and research services to our partners at Horizon Health and industry. The manager works closely with the co-directors of the HPL and is responsible for coordinating and conducting research projects, analyzing data and preparing technical reports.

    The HPL is a multidisciplinary facility that is well-equipped with a 12 camera Vicon motion capture system, 6 Kistler force plates, Tekscan pressure mats, standard wireless EMG systems, HD EMG system, isokinetic dynamometer, and other equipment to study human movement. The lab also provides services in clinical gait analysis for pre-surgical treatment planning in children with Cerebral Palsy and research services for industrial partners.

    • Responsible for designing, collecting, and analyzing 3D biomechanical and neuromuscular physiology data that support and enhance the HPL research agenda. Responsible for provision of technical expertise and support of these research projects include equipment installation, maintenance and performance. Responsibilities include hardware integration, calibration, system performance and reliability, software testing and creation, upgrades, and inventory for the HPL.
    • Responsible for contributing to the planning and execution of research by assisting with grant application planning and writing. Research includes academic, clinical, and industrial projects.
    • Responsible for research training and coordinating on relevant hardware/software and provide instruction on lab capabilities to graduate students.
    • Responsible for training and coordinating associated highly qualified personnel (e.g. undergraduate and graduate summer research assistants).
    • Responsible for the provision of a comprehensive service for the measurement, analysis, reporting, and documentation of human gait disorders (e.g. pre-surgical treatment planning for children with Cerebral Palsy).
    • Responsible for providing lab demonstrations, presentations, and workshops to promote the HPL and provide community service.

    • A PhD preferably in Kinesiology (Human Kinetics), Mechanical or Biomedical Engineering or other related field.
    • Significant experience with neuromuscular physiological and biomechanical research, including experience with motion capture, EMG, dynamometer, force plates, pressure pads, insole force sensors, wearable sensors and associated software.
    • Expertise in the operation and preventative maintenance of specialized laboratory equipment is required.
    • Exceptional problem-solving skills with the ability to work independently, be self-motivated, and collaborate with a team of faculty, students, and health care professionals.
    • Significant statistical knowledge with respect to data analysis in these fields.
    • Strong communication skills to foster a positive and collaborative environment.
    • Evidence of independent research and funding.
    • Excellent computer skills and demonstrated computer programming skills (Matlab, Visual 3D, etc.)
    • Experience with other programs such as SPSS, LabView, C++, and OpenSim are an asset.
    • Experience with database management is preferable.

    ** To be given consideration for this competition, you must demonstrate how, when and where you acquired the requirements outlined for this position. Your resume must present education and work experience in chronological order, with work experience detailed in both months and years, and whether it was part-time or full‑time**

    To apply online, please go to:
    Any questions about the position can be directed to:

    Vicky Chester, Ph.D
    Co-Director, Andrew and Marjorie McCain Human Performance Laboratory
    Richard J. CURRIE CENTER
    Faculty of Kinesiology
    University of New Brunswick
    Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 5A3
    Phone: 506-458-7589
    Fax: 506-453-3511
    Web site --

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