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PhD Position at University fo Sheffield BIomechanics (preclinical study)

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  • PhD Position at University fo Sheffield BIomechanics (preclinical study)

    Project Title: Effect of low calories diet on the musculoskeletal health in UM-HET3 mice
    Supervisors: Dr Enrico Dall'Ara and Prof Ilaria Bellantuono
    Oncology and metabolism of the University of Sheffield

    PhD Start:
    October 2017

    Deadline Application:
    1st February 2017

    Fees and Salary (standard Research Council) for 3 years for UK and European students
    Project Details: Age-delaying interventions are currently tested on animal models such as UM-HET3 mice. Among them, calorie restriction (CR) was found to increase the life-spam in mice models and has the potential of delay age-related pathologies. However, the effect of CR on the musculoskeletal health is still debated and becomes fundamental when studying its effect on musculoskeletal pathologies such as osteoarthritis (OA) and osteoporosis (OP). The hypothesis of this study is that CR improves musculoskeletal health in old UM-HEY3 mice. In this project the student will characterise the properties of the knee joints and o whole tibiae of UM-HET3 mice in order to study the effect of CR on the properties of cartilage and bone and its relationship with gender and age. The student will develop protocols to semi-automatically assess OA and OP phenotypes by combining micro-computed tomography (microCT) imaging, image processing and finite element modelling (microFE).

    Candidates must have a first or upper second class honors degree or significant research experience.
    Strong imaging and/or computational background is required; experience with microCT image processing will be advantageous.

    Interested students are encouradged to contact Dr Dall'Ara before application at

    More details and application link: