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  • Forensic Injury Biomechanics - Accident & Injury Experts

    Forensic Injury Biomechanics – [Part-Time Consultant Opportunities - Multiple Locations]


    LISKE History & Tradition

    LISKE Accident & Injury Experts has built a successful 29 year history in customer trust and fulfillment of expert services. LISKE is an international multi-disciplined team of Associate Experts that works in multi-jurisdictional legal communities throughout the USA and Canada. LISKE Associate Experts share the core values of integrity, respect, and clarity in helping others; benefiting society. 
    Each Associate Expert has the opportunity to maximize or minimize their Expert Assignments and size of Practice. Every Associate Expert has full-time LISKE Accident & Injury staff & technical support, respecting the fact that every Expert Associates’ TIME is valuable. LISKE pays our Associate Experts more per file assignment than our competitors.
    LISKE has on-going, established partnerships and relationships with Associate Experts that span decades. Some of our Associate Experts have opted for part-time work whereas others are working full-time earning over 6 figures. Our top senior testifying expert associates earn up to $150/hr.

    The vast majority of Associate Expert work is done through home-based offices connected to the LISKE HUB server.

    To learn more about LISKE Accident & Injury Experts go to

    Associate Expert Responsibilities*

    1. Preliminary Assessments – Identity the strengths and weaknesses of evidence and expert opinions.
    2. Forensic Examinations – Support to Transportation, Product and Premise Groups.
    3. Accident Reconstructions – Multi-disciplined.
    4. Expert Reports on Findings.
    5. Trial Testimony when required

    LISKE Biomechanical Experts are expected to assist and/or provide Lead consulting/advisory in the following:

    · Biomechanics of Injury Investigation
    · Biomechanics of Injury Analysis
    · Biomechanics of Injury Reconstruction
    · Occupant Dynamics
    · Occupant Kinematic Analysis [ a, v, d, t ]
    · Occupant Kinetic Analysis [ f, m, a ]
    · Occupant Anthropometrics
    · Occupant Compartment Examinations
    · Low-Speed Collision Injury Analysis
    · Occupant Injury Analysis
    · Airbag Deployment Analysis
    · Seatbelt Investigation
    · Human Factors Forensic Analysis
    · Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
    · Pedestrian & Bicyclist Accident Reconstruction
    · Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction
    · Trucking Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
    · Premise Liability
    · Slips, Trips, Missteps and Falls
    · Injury Causation Analysis
    · Product Critical Design Assessment
    · Industrial Accidents

    Associate Expert Requirements

    1. Ph.D in Biomechanical/Biomedical Engineering
    2. Professional Certifications.
    3. Professional Association Memberships.
    4. Prior Consulting experience.
    5. Prior Testifying experience.
    6. ACTAR Certification a plus.


    LISKE. 29 years of value-added assurance when you need it most.