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Postdoctoral Position in Gait Analysis & Modelling – Rennes (France)

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  • Postdoctoral Position in Gait Analysis & Modelling – Rennes (France)

    M2S Lab, in Rennes (France), offers a 12-months postdoctoral fellowship. The applicant will have to design feedbacks for gait rehab sessions using a body weight support mobile robot.

    The position is linked to Robo-K2, a project involving M2S lab and BA Healthcare company and which is the pursuance of Robo-K, a three years project that has just ended. Robo-K’s goal was to design a mobile robot for gait training. When motor disabilities are such that patients can hardly maintain an upright standing posture, gait rehabilitation is usually performed using a treadmill and a fixed body weight support device. This is not fully satisfying as patients may have an apprehension to walk on a treadmill. Robo-K is an alternative where the body weight support device is actually a mobile robot. The patient can therefore walk on the ground, which is much more functional.
    In Robo-K2, the aim is to improve the robot in order to provide the patient with a real-time feedback of his/her gait quality during a rehab session. In collaboration with physicians from two rehab centers on one side and with engineers in the lab and in BA Healthcare on the other side, the first task of the applicant will be to define the relevant clinical parameters that are to be measured. Indeed, one strong constraint is that the measurement devices will be implemented on the robot, i.e. with a low distance to subject (less than 1m). Raw information might be incomplete or distorted. The second task of the applicant will be to define how the feedbacks will be provided to the patient. For example, given the patient’s current walking abilities, what could be the expected level of asymmetry so that the rehab session goal (focusing there on asymmetry) is challenging but might be reachable?

    Candidates should get into contact with Armel Crétual, associciate professor:

    More details can be found in the attachment (in pdf)Post-doctoral position - M2S lab - Rennes.pdf
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