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Univ of Michigan, Postdoctoral Fellow in Sport Performance (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

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  • Univ of Michigan, Postdoctoral Fellow in Sport Performance (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

    The School of Kinesiology, Michigan Performance Research (MiPR) Laboratory, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

    The Michigan Performance Research Laboratory ( is focused on integrated analyses of human biomechanics and physiology during dynamic activities. The 800 square-foot facility was upgraded substantially three years ago to incorporate state-of-the-art technology for measuring multiple aspects of human movement, including: 2-D and 3-D kinematics, muscle activity, underfoot pressures, ground reaction forces, isometric and isokinetic strength, expired gases, and metabolic energy expenditure. Equipment includes an 8-segment inertial measurement system (IMU; MyoMotion, Noraxon U.S.A., Inc., Arizona, USA), 2 high-speed video cameras (MyoVideo, Noraxon, U.S.A., Inc.), instrumented treadmill (MyoPressure FDM-T Quasar 4.0, Noraxon U.S.A., Inc.), noninvasive wireless 16-channel EMG system (MyoMuscle Telemyo DTS, Noraxon U.S.A., Inc.), wireless pressure-sensing insoles (Pedoped, Novel Electronics Inc., Germany), gas analyzer (Cosmed K4b2, Rome, Italy) for VO2,max testing, heart-rate monitor (Polar Electro Inc., Lake Success, New York, USA), calibrated dynamometer (Cybex HUMAC Norm, CSMi Solutions, Stoughton, MA, USA) for strength testing, and BSX Insight Optical Lactate Meter to determine lactate threshold.

    Postdoctoral Research Fellows are appointed in 1 year increments. Funding for a 2-year postdoctoral fellow position is immediately available, with the potential to extend the appointment after two years, depending on availability of research funds. The successful candidate will not only collaborate on supported research projects focused on sport-related injury and performance optimization, but also will have the option to develop his/her independent line of research that aligns with the mission and focus of MiPR. Currently funded projects include:
    · Innovating current analyses of running biomechanics and physical activity monitoring, including analytical pipeline development
    · Validation and application of body-worn sensor technology to assess biomechanics of elite athletes
    · Expanding analytics of sport biomechanics using in-game/in-field wearable devices and technology
    As an integral member of MiPR, the Post-Doctoral Fellow will be involved at all stages of research development and conduct, including manuscript preparation, dissemination of results at (inter)national scholarly conferences, and grant/contract formulation, writing, and administration.

    General Eligibility Requirements:

    · PhD (or other doctoral degree) in kinesiology, engineering, or related disciplines;
    · Highly experienced in human movement biomechanics and/or physiological data analyses and related computer programming (e.g., Matlab/Simulink, Visual 3D, OpenSIM, and LabView);
    · Highly experienced in designing, collecting, and analyzing 3D biomechanical data during human movement, including experience with accelerometers, force plates, pressure pads, insole force sensors, wearable sensors; and experience in multi-segment foot kinematics/kinetics is desirable;
    · Knowledge and application of biomechanics of human movement, as demonstrated by contributions, such as (but not limited to) peer-reviewed publications, conference proceedings/presentations, technology transfer, and other knowledge transfer activities;
    · Experience or strong interest in formulating, writing, and managing research grants/contracts
    · Interest in pursuing basic or translational research in partnership with industry;
    · Interest in research related to sport performance and/or injury resilience;
    · Prior experience with clinical gait analyses and/or wearable sensor technology will be given preference

    Please apply via the University of Michigan applicant management system by attaching one PDF file. The applicant management system website is; job ID number 141876. Applications should include a CV, cover letter of intent, and complete contact information for at least three references.

    Applications will be reviewed as received, and it is anticipated that the short-listed finalists for the position will be interviewed by June 1, 2017.

    Questions about the position can be directed to:

    Jillian Peacock
    Lead Research Technician
    Michigan Performance Research Laboratory
    School of Kinesiology
    University of Michigan
    Lab website:

    The University of Michigan is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer.