Potential start date: July 2018

We are looking for prospective Ph.D. students to fill our graduate assistant roles. Students should be interested in pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Health, Sport and Exercise Science (Concentrations in Exercise Science). Assistantships are a 12-month, 50% appointment. Students will support the program in the form of course teaching, research assistance, or a combination of both. GA positions offer in-state and out-of-state waivers and a competitive monthly stipend. There are also additional competitive funding opportunities available to students.

Research Areas

The Exercise Science Research Center has a Qualysis Motion Capture system, 16-channel Delsys Trigno EMG and 4-channel Noraxon EMG systems, and three force platforms. Additional resources for collaborative projects are available at the University of Arkansas Medical Science – Northwest Campus.

Dr. Kaitlin Gallagher’s research combines musculoskeletal pain and injury research with behavioral, health promotion, and education research. Data collection techniques include survey, lab, and field studies. There are currently two active research areas related to Occupational and Clinical Biomechanics within the Exercise Science Research Center at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville:

Occupational Injuries related to Athletic Training – While Athletic Training is a growing field, they also face issues with worker retention and high injury and pain reporting. Compared to other fields such as nursing, physical therapy, and emergency medical technicians, there is very little research on the injuries suffered by Athletic Trainers and mechanisms for education and improvement. Through survey, lab, and field research, we will be working to narrow down the tasks related to injury and work on interventions and educational modules to improve health outcomes for this group. This work is done in conjunction with the University of Arkansas Athletic Training Educational Program.

Long-term effects of mobile technology usage on neck and upper back pain in young adults – With many reports of the increase in neck pain and injury in young adults, commonly referred to as “text neck”, there is a need for research on the long-term health outcomes due to mobile technology usage. We will quantify this and develop educational resources that can be provided to younger adults to work on reducing their potential risk of musculoskeletal injury. This project will be done in conjunction with the University of Arkansas Medical Science (Northwest Campus) Physical Therapy program.

If interested, please send a CV, unofficial transcripts, and the name and contact information for three references to:

Dr. Kaitlin Gallagher - kmg014@uark.edu
Assistant Professor, Exercise Science, University of Arkansas
Adjunct Lecturer, University of Arkansas Medical Sciences – Department of Physical Therapy

Please note: Assistantships are competitive and subject to availability. Students interested will need to officially apply for acceptance into the program and assistantships through the graduate school.

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