The Biomechanics program at Illinois State University is seeking applicants for the MS program for Fall 2018. We have openings for research and teaching assistantships. Research responsibilities include participant recruitment, data collection, data processing and analysis, and generation of reports and manuscripts for various projects. In addition, the applicant will also contribute to lab instruction in undergraduate Biomechanics courses. Teaching Assistantships range from teaching and assisting with undergraduate lab instruction in Biomechanics, to teaching Applied Anatomy labs and/or general education activity classes. In addition to the teaching responsibilities, continuous involvement in ongoing research activities in the Biomechanics Lab is expected.

The ISU biomechanics laboratory is strategically located on the ground level of the recently constructed School of Kinesiology/McCormick Hall and is connected via skywalk to the Illinois State University Student Fitness Center. The dedicated motion analysis lab space constitutes 1800 square feet with additional 1000 square footage dedicated to a laboratory/graduate student office, a biomechanics teaching/seminar smart classroom, an EMG and Video analysis suite, a clinical evaluation/isokinetic testing room and a large storage room. The lab is equipped with 1 AMTI and 1 Bertec force plate, 5-work stations networked to a 10-camera Vicon MX/ Nexus 2.5 system and equipped with Motion Monitor, Visual-3D software and various in-house Matlab routines as well as the OpenSimm 3.0 platform, an 8-lead liberty/polhemus electromagnetic tracking system with short and long range sensors with dedicated data collection laptop (Motion Monitor post processing software installed), an 8-channel hardwired Delsys/Bagnoli EMG system + trigger module with surface (8 single and 4 double differential) and indwelling electrodes, a portable 8-channel Delsys EMG system, a Biodex 9000 system, a treadmill and numerous transducers and accelerometers.

Current research includes sport performance and injury identification in youth baseball pitching, golf swing and running analyses, pre- and post-surgical therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of upper and lower limb injuries, functional and prophylactic assessment of hip, knee and ankle braces, and functional assessments of neurologically impaired (MS, Parkinson’s, TBI/mTBI, stroke, spine injury, Alzheimer’s/Dementia). The laboratory has strong collaborative ties to the Illinois Neurological Institute ( and with numerous orthopedic ( and physical therapy clinics (https://www.mcleancountyorthopedics....l-therapy.html - - - throughout the region.

Deadline for applications is: February 1, 2018.

Applicants interested in these opportunities may contact:

Adam Jagodinsky, PhD []
Mike Torry, PhD []