PhD in Physical Rehabilitation Science

The Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science (PTRS) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, invites applications for the PhD degree program in the interdisciplinary field of Physical Rehabilitation Science (PRS) for admission in 2018. The purpose of the PRS PhD program is to train researchers who will be able to advance the field of physical rehabilitation with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of individuals with functional impairments. Individual courses of study are created to serve the interests and educational needs of the student and the principal faculty advisor.

Applications will be accepted from quality students with baccalaureate and/or master degrees in the life sciences, engineering or health-related areas. Graduate assistantships provide full tuition support for up to five years and a stipend including benefits.

Dissertation projects are developed in conjunction with one of several ongoing rehabilitation research studies within the department and across the University system. Major research areas of interest include: sensorimotor recovery following neurological disorders (especially stroke and Parkinson’s Disease), inter-joint and inter-limb coordination across the lifespan, balance and mobility related to fall risk, neuroplasticity, pathomechanics and rehabilitation of osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal injury and aging and neurological disorders.

Students take foundation courses involving physical rehabilitation science in the first year as well as coursework in research tools. The main concentration area is neuromotor control and rehabilitation but students supplement their studies in one of the cognate areas that include: Rehabilitation Biomechanics; Rehabilitation Engineering, Applied Physiology, Epidemiology, Human Centered Computing and Cognitive Neuroscience. Coursework may be taken in other departments within the university or the university system. Required weekly research seminars are regularly scheduled.

Multiple interconnected laboratories are devoted to state-of-the-art biomechanical, neuromotor, rehabilitation robotics, and physiological measurement.

Primary considerations for admission are (1) relevant course background in sciences related to intended area of research focus, (2) Minimum GRE scores of >308 for combined verbal (160) and quantitative (148) and over 4.0 for the writing section and (3) student's record of interest and academic performance in the field or related areas.

Further information about the PRS program, PTRS, or the university may be obtained from the Graduate Program Coordinator: Ms. Janice Abarro

Potential candidates may also wish to contact the Program Director Dr. Jill Whitall or graduate research faculty.