Seeking Ph.D. Students to Study Dynamics and Control of Walking at Penn State University:

The Penn State Locomotor Control (LoCo) Lab is actively recruiting highly qualified graduate students (doctoral preferred) interested in starting in Summer (June) or Fall (August) of 2018. Research will be to study the biodynamics and motor control of human walking. Specific projects will involve applying advanced virtual reality-based experimental methods to examine how movement coordination and dynamic stability are regulated during human walking in young and older adults. This project involves identifying the basic neural (computational) and biomechanical mechanisms that govern how humans control walking. Our goal is to better understanding the root causes of falling and to reduce risk of falling in at-risk populations.

Work in our lab is currently being funded by two grants from the National Institutes of Health:

Our lab uses advanced virtual reality technologies to study these phenomena. For more information, please see:

For recent lab publications, please see Google Scholar:
Pennsylvania State University - Cited by 10,065 - Biomechanics - Motor Control - Computational Neuroscience - Applied Mechanics - Locomotion

Positions are available now for students seeking to pursue Doctoral (or possibly Master’s) degrees.

Strong computational skills (advanced mathematics (calculus, differential equations, etc.), physics, Matlab (or similar) programming experience) are required. Prior experience with computational analysis of human movement and/or biomechanical data (e.g., gait analysis) is strongly desired.

Very competitive support packages are available to highly qualified students.

If you are interested in these opportunities, please contact Dr. Jonathan Dingwell:

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