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PhD position offer in under industrial agreement, Université de Lyon, France

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  • PhD position offer in under industrial agreement, Université de Lyon, France

    <strong>R&amp;D Engineer Position Offer at Sigvaris - 3 years contract </strong><br>
    <strong> PhD thesis under industrial agreement (CIFRE)</strong><br>
    <strong>With CIS @Mines Saint-Etienne – SAINBIOSE (INSERM-U1059)</strong><br>
    <strong>Compression Therapy combined with Correction of Foot Dysmorphism: </strong><br>
    <strong>Evaluation using Numerical Simulation of Venous Hemodynamics</strong><br>
    <strong>Keywords</strong>: Compression therapy, foot dysmorphism, venous deficiency, numerical simulations, hemodynamics, fluid-structure interactions.<br>
    <strong>Industrial context</strong>: Strong of its 150 years of history, the Swiss group SIGVARIS is the world leader in Medical Compression Stockings, class 1 Medical Devices. With 1500 collaborators worldwide, 6 main industrial facilities and 11 subsidiaries around the world, the group is growing continuously, thanks to endless commitment in textile innovation and medical science. Thanks to its Research and Development teams, SIGVARIS France is one of the main subsidiaries involved in research projects, with a long history of major scientific and academic collaborations. <br>
    <strong>Scientific context</strong>: The two main parts of the lower limbs involved in venous return are the calf pump and the venous foot pump. With a venous plantar reservoir localized deeply in the arch feet area, in the lateral plantar veins, regular feet morphology and plantar pressure distribution are important to correct activation of venous foot pump. Blood return from the foot is essential for good global venous return from the lower limbs. Several studies have highlighted links between static feet disorders (hollow feet or flat feet) and chronic venous deficiency. Impairment of venous return due to static feet disorders has been shown. Higher prevalence of feet pathologies in chronic venous deficient populations has also been evidenced. Improvement of venous return using specific corrective insoles has recently been proven. <br>
    <strong>Project summary</strong>: The purpose of the project will be to model the venous foot pump in order to evaluate impact of static feet disorders on venous return and to model the effects of orthotics combined with compression therapy. The thesis will take place at the Centre for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering (Centre Ingénierie et Santé, CIS Mines Saint-Etienne) in an INSERM research unit (SAINBIOSE U1059) with a renowned expertise in soft tissue biomechanics. CIS and Sigvaris have already successfully collaborated to build a numerical model of the lower limb under compression, which lead to significant scientific and industrial advances. The objective of the new model will be to investigate the effect of morphological parameters, muscular activation and orthotics/compression on venous return. The model will be validated against clinical and biomechanical data. It will help understanding the underlying mechanisms to prevent and treat venous disorders and will be used as a tool for industrial applications in the design of insoles and stockings.<br>
    <strong>Candidate profile</strong>: Candidates with strong backgrounds in computational mechanics and computational fluid dynamics are expected. Background in finite elements and nonlinear mechanics will be highly appreciated. Motivation for ground-breaking computational work and interest in biomechanics are recommended.<br>
    <strong>Administrative aspects</strong>: If you are interested, send a CV, a cover letter describing previous research experience and interests, the names and contact information of two references. Please, submit via email to Prof Stéphane AVRIL (<a href=""></a>) and Cyril Chaigneau (<a href="">Cyril.C</a>). Deadline for applications: 31st January 2018.