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Funded PhD Graduate Research Assistantships – University of Pittsburgh, , NMRL

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  • Funded PhD Graduate Research Assistantships – University of Pittsburgh, , NMRL

    The Neuromuscular Research Laboratory (NMRL Website) is currently seeking multiple, highly-qualified and enthusiastic individuals for the position of Graduate Research Assistant, at the PhD level, for positions commencing Fall 2018 (earlier starts can be accommodated).

    Applicants are sought with backgrounds across a range of movement science disciplines (exercise physiology, sport science, biomechanics, athletic training, physical therapy, etc…), with an interest in research focused on musculoskeletal injury prevention and human performance optimization. The primary project prospective applicants would work on is a multi-group, training study assessing the effects of different strength and conditioning programs on performance, across and between sexes.

    Research Environment:
    The Doctorate program in Rehabilitation Sciences in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS Website) at the University of Pittsburgh prepares young researchers for academic and private industry careers across a range of disciplines. Housed within the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, the Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition specific focus is on musculoskeletal injury prevention and human performance optimization for varying athletic populations. Central to this mission is the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory (NMRL).

    Since 1990, the NMRL has initiated research in the areas of proprioception and neuromuscular control, in an attempt to answer many of the questions regarding the role of capsuloligamentous structures in the patho-etiology of joint injury. The objective of our research has been to study comprehensive profiles of an individual's function by evaluating both the sensory and motor characteristics specific to musculoskeletal injury and pathology. Biomechanical and neuromuscular assessments under sports-simulated environments are used to determine specific variables including investigating the influence of weight distribution, muscle function, balance, flexibility, proprioception, gender, aging, and fatigue, as well as the effects of injury, surgery, and rehabilitation on joint stability. Deficiencies in body mechanics and muscle function are used to develop programs, not only to improve performance, but also minimize the potential for injury. Recently, this focus has expanded to incorporate novel aspects of motor and neural (cognitive) control of movement. The NMRL is staffed by multidisciplinary research faculty and graduate students including athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, biomechanists, registered dietitians, and epidemiologists.


    - Admission to the University of Pittsburgh Rehabilitation Sciences PhD program, exceeding minimum GRE standards (Higher than 50th percentile across all components)
    - Master’s degree or higher (DPT) in Athletic Training, Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Bioengineering, or related field.
    - Current certifications and affiliations with relevant professional organizations (ACSM, NSCA, etc…) preferred.

    Deadline for Applications: 03/23/2018

    Application Procedures:
    To express interest in the position, send a current curriculum vitae and letter of interest, detailing past work and interest in the current position and project to:

    Chris Connaboy, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Director of the PhD program in Sports Medicine
    Neuromuscular Research Laboratory
    Warrior Human Performance Research Center

    Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition
    School of Health and Rehabilitation Science
    University of Pittsburgh
    3860 South Water Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15203
    Work Phone: 412-246-0460
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    Re: Funded PhD Graduate Research Assistantships – University of Pittsburgh, , NMRL

    Deadline for Applications: 03/23/2018