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Prosthetics Interfaces, Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida (UCF)

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  • Prosthetics Interfaces, Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida (UCF)

    The University of Central Florida (UCF) is seeking to hire three (3) tenure-track assistant professors to join the Prosthetic Interfaces Cluster (#30093,

    The aim of the Prosthetic Interfaces Cluster ( is to bring together an interdisciplinary group who together will develop novel technologies focused at the intersection of engineering, science and medicine. Biomedical engineering is an area of global importance and with an ageing population, there is a growing need to deliver an increasingly technology-driven standard of patient care. Worn out joints replaced with metal or ceramic, stimulating and recording electrodes interfaced with nervous tissue to treat Parkinson’s disease or interfaced with muscle to control both cardiac and gastric function. It is estimated that currently 25 million US citizens are dependent upon an implantable device to maintain life.

    Advances in materials science, medicine and engineering have allowed us to enter a new phase in both our understanding and our use of implanted material. No longer are these materials inert substitutes and increasingly the new implant interfaces with the body in a deliberately dynamic way. Many clinical challenges remain and ‘smart’ biomedical devices and novel tissue engineering techniques may hold the solution to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of conditions ranging from osteoarthritis to Alzheimer’s disease as well as contribute in the prevention of disease. It is our goal to bring together medical scientists and engineers with the purpose of catalyzing new developments and discoveries that push the future of technology driven patient care into the next generation.

    We are looking for candidates with experience in fundamental and applied sciences in the study of musculoskeletal challenges and in the study of the body’s response to an implanted device. Depending on the background and expertise, candidates may choose their tenure within the College of Medicine, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering or within the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. This is an interdisciplinary position and the ideal candidate will have a strong interest and background in any of the following areas:

    - Biomaterials; coatings; surface engineering;
    - Implant infection; inflammation and integration with tissue;
    - Tissue repair and regeneration following injury; disease or aging; sports and injuries;
    - Drug delivery; cell therapy; disease modeling;
    - Bioprinting and artificial tissue development; organ assist devices (e.g VAD);
    - Material development; reconstructive repair; implant design; implant wear; micro-tribology;
    - Micro-mechanics; mems; bioactuators and real-time biosensors; wearable technologies

    The Prosthetic Interfaces Cluster is located within the College of Medicine at the Lake Nona campus. The College of Medicine, which also houses the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences is a new state-of-the-art research center and is the cornerstone of the biomedical cluster at “Medical City” that includes the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, the new Veterans Administration Medical Center and the Nemours Children’s Hospital. Together they provide a hub for biomedical innovation that is transforming Orlando into a global destination for health care, research, and biomedical education.