Scope of Work
A new Biomedical Engineer position will soon be available at the Brain Rehabilitation Research Center of Excellence (BRRC) in the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville, Florida. The BRRC contains some of the brightest minds from healthcare, academia, and industry background that conduct research to improve the effectiveness of neurorehabilitation for recovery from neurological diseases or injuries. The BRRC is composed of four research initiatives and supports the Human Performance Lab (HMPL), and the Brain Function Measurement Core (BFMC).

The qualified engineer will support the HMPL by performing a broad range of work related to the development of new data collection and analysis methods and the conduct of research studies. The work will include multidisciplinary instrumentation for human motor performance, including motion capture, kinetics, electromyography (EMG), instrument design, and data interfacing with brain function measures such as trans magnetic stimulation (TMS), functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) and electroencephalography (EEG).

The qualified candidate will execute planned experiments and other daily research activities. Some work will afford experience in interaction with patients. The qualified engineer will be responsible for HMPL instrument operation, safety and technical support. Other research responsibilities include relevant data analysis, and software/algorithms refinement and/or development utilizing Matlab, Python, Signal, Vicon and Visual3D. Experience working in a motion capture laboratory, preferably one which uses Vicon Nexus, is preferred. Proficient Matlab programming skills are required.

Position Summary
Agency: BRRC in the Malcom Randall North Florida/South Georgia Gainesville VA Medical Center
Location: Gainesville, FL
Job Type: Federal; Full-Time
Relocation Expense: not provided
Education: B.S. or M.S.

Please submit your resume to the BRRC Health System Administrator, Dr. Yi Zhang
Tel: (352) 376-1611 x 5046
Fax: (352) 374-6170

Theresa McGuirk, MS
Lead Engineer, Human Motor Performance Lab
Brain Rehabilitation Research Center
Malcolm Randall VAMC NF/SGVHS