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Experimental/Computational Joint Biomechanics at Western University (London, Canada)

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  • Experimental/Computational Joint Biomechanics at Western University (London, Canada)

    The Biomechanical Engineering Research Lab (BERL) at Western University (London, Ontario, Canada) is seeking qualified candidates for masters and phd positions in the area of experimental and computational joint biomechanics.

    Our team works closely with orthopaedic surgeons at the nearby London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and Fowler-Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic to investigate the biomechanics of human joints under simulated loading using a state-of-the-art 6 degrees of freedom joint motion simulator (AMTI VIVO), as well as sophisticated computer models (rigid body dynamics, finite element analysis). We use these tools to better understand the effects of soft tissue injury and repair, as well as implant design and surgical approach. Current studies are focused on the knee, shoulder and hip.

    Students interested in either Mechanical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering graduate degrees are welcome. Students who are eligible for Canadian federal/provincial awards and scholarships (e.g. from Tri-Agency scholarships or OGS) or the Collaborative Specialization in Musculoskeletal Health Research (CMHR) program, are especially encouraged to apply.

    Interested applicants should contact Dr. Ryan Willing (, whose website/profile is here. Please include your CV/resume and a brief description about yourself.

    Ryan Willing, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor,
    Mechanical and Materials Engineering
    Western University, Canada
    Office: TEB 363 (519) 661-2111 x80295