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    The Neuromuscular Research Laboratory (NMRL)/Warrior Human Performance Research Laboratory (WHPRC) has an immediate opening for a doctoral graduate student research assistantship, working with Dr Flanagan ( This is an excellent opportunity to join a DoD-funded research team focused on the neurobiological mechanisms of physical training adaptations and resilience. The NMRL/WHPRC is a state-of-the-science 1100m2 facility with innovative techniques to study molecular, cellular, tissue, neuromechanical, and physiological aspects of human performance optimization and injury prevention. The doctoral student will have opportunities to work in a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary laboratory while leveraging world-class education and research experiences at the University of Pittsburgh.

    Dr. Flanaganís current research uses non-invasive brain stimulation (TMS) and neuroimaging (EEG, MRI, fMRI, DTI) techniques with additional capabilities in biochemistry, non-invasive motor unit array decomposition (dEMG); psychometrics; and strength, sensorimotor, and fitness assessment. Through collaborative opportunities with leading experts at Pitt, an enterprising doctoral student would also have opportunities to learn or expand expertise related to transcriptomics, proteomics, or muscle biology.

    We are seeking creative and highly-motivated students with strong critical thinking and potential to pursue independent and team-based research within the School and Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Applicants should send: 1) a cover letter with a summary of research experience and interests; 2) current contact information for three potential references; and 3) curriculum vitae including publications in PDF format

    Candidates must have: 1) masterís degree in neuroscience or exercise physiology-related field, with evidence of interest in both disciplines; 2) desire to work with human subjects/samples; 3) excellent English verbal and written communication skills. Publication record preferred. The successful candidate is expected to work independently and as part of a team, initiate involvement in laboratory projects, and have a strong enthusiasm for learning and developing new experimental approaches.

    Interested candidates should contact Dr. Flanagan directly:

    Shawn Flanagan, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    University of Pittsburgh Ι School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
    Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition
    Neuromuscular Research Laboratory Ι Warrior Human Performance Research Center

    3860 South Water Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15203 Email
    412.246.0463 Office
    630.854.0547 Mobile
    Neuromuscular Research Laboratory