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Master's Degree in Cognitive Ergonomics @ University of Windsor

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  • Master's Degree in Cognitive Ergonomics @ University of Windsor

    Cognitive ergonomics is the field of study that focuses on how well the use of a product matches the cognitive capabilities of users. It draws on knowledge of human perception, mental processing, and memory.
    Cognitive ergonomics mainly focuses on work activities which:
    • have an emphasized cognitive component
    • are in safety-critical environments
    • are in a complex, changeable environment

    As part of the Master of Human Kinetics in Applied Human Performance with focus in Cognitive Ergonomics, students will examine cognitive elements of how humans interact with machines. Areas of investigation include:
    • driver interaction with automotive technology.
    • user automation.
    • assessment of working stations.
    • assessment of cognitive workload in human-machine interaction.

    Students will also examine the basic and applied principles of human biomechanics, ergonomics and motor learning and control.

    More information can be found at:

    Please contact Human Kinetics Graduate Studies or
    +1 519-253-3000 (2430)