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Postdoctoral fellow in dynamic optimization of acrobatics

The Simulation and Movement Modeling lab (S2M) is attached to the School of Kinesiology and Physical Activity Sciences (EKSAP) of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montreal. The S2M brings together about 20 students in kinesiology, mechanical and biomedical engineering, physics and computer science under the supervision of Mickaël Begon (associate professor at EKSAP and the Institute of Biomedical Engineering) in biomechanics and Fabien Dal Maso (assistant professor at EKSAP) in neuro-biomechanics. Students carry out both fundamental (eg muscular force estimation) and applied (eg orthosis design) projects in a cutting-edge infrastructure (VICON 19-camera optoelectronic system, Delsys EMG system with wireless pre-amplified electrodes, Bertec treadmill instrumented for force platforms, 4 AMTI force platforms, EEG Brain Vision 64 electrodes).

The main lines of research are:
  • musculoskeletal modeling of the shoulder and upper limb;
  • simulation and optimization of sports and artistic movements;
  • design of innovative orthoses;
  • understanding the neuro-biomechanical mechanisms of fatigue and walking.

The laboratory is looking for a postdoctoral fellow in dynamic optimization of acrobatics for 12 months starting January 2019 (possibility of renewal). The main project focuses on technical innovation in trampoline acrobatics using the theory of optimal control. Canada is a world leader in acrobatic sports like trampoline, diving and skiing. The challenge is to develop 1) a mathematical model representative of the motor skills of trampolinists and 2) a fast optimal motion synthesis algorithm for complex movements. We will look for a set of optimal and near-optimal techniques that will be assessed in terms of robustness to select the most appropriate for a performance with a high rate of success in competition. This work will be done under the supervision of M. Begon and F. Dal Maso, in collaboration with Eve (MSc) and other Master students whose goal is to create a simulator in virtual reality for the learning of optimal gestures. This research is funded by the Institut national du sport du Québec and MITACS acceleration program.
Always in connection with the optimal control of the human movement, the candidate will have to work on an additional project in the continuity of the doctorate of Colombe Bélaise. This project involves refining the estimation of muscle strength in the shoulder and upper limb using neuro-musculoskeletal models.
These works are performed under C++ and Matlab / Python environments with the RBDL software libraries for modeling and CasADi or GPOPS-II for optimal control.

Required skills: The candidate must have a PhD in mechanics, biomechanics or robotics with skills in dynamics of multibody systems, in differential equations and preferably in dynamic optimization. Knowledge in C ++, Linux and extensive Matlab or Python are required. Communication skills, especially scientific for writing articles and with partners, are important. The candidate must be autonomous in her research and contribute to the training / supervision of MSc / PhD students who collaborate on projects. A knowledge of acrobatic sports is an asset.
The scholarship will be $ 38,000 - $ 44,000 depending on the experience of the candidate and could extend over 18 or even 24 months.

Application procedure: Please submit your resume, cover letter, two of your articles (or thesis / dissertation) most in line with the project and contact information of two references at the following link:
A committee will analyze applications quickly and will conduct interviews with the most suitable candidates. You can contact us ( for more information.
The Université de Montréal is a French-speaking university. International applicants can do their research in English. However, candidates must show their intention to learn French for their integration into the team.

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Begon, Associate Professor
École de kinésiologie et des sciences de l'activité physique (ÉKSAP)
Laboratoire de Simulation et Modélisation du Mouvement (S2M) de l'Université de Montréal
Campus de l'UdeM à Laval, Pavillon Guy-Joron
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