Opportunities for research in the area of orthopaedic biomechanics are available.

The Masters of Science in Biomedical engineering (MSBE) is a research oriented degree program that is administered by the Department of Engineering in the College of Engineering and Technology. ECU MSBE is a two-year program with a minimum of 32 semester hours of coursework and thesis. At least fourteen (14) semester hours of the coursework will come from the Department of Engineering, with an additional 6 semester hours of thesis credit and additional courses from the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Biostatistics and other disciplines as required to support the interests and research of individual students and faculty. In addition to the course work each student must complete a research-based thesis, a comprehensive defense of thesis proposal, a seminar based on thesis research, and a thesis defense.

1. Complete and submit a graduate application from the ECU Office of Graduate Studies website at www.ecu.edu/gradschool.
2. Submit any required forms such as the Statement of Legal Residence, Statement of Purpose, resume, official copies of all transcripts, and three letters of reference to the ECU Office of Graduate Studies.

Applicants may be granted conditional admission if they do not qualify for regular admission. Students entering from disciplines other than engineering may find it necessary to take preparatory undergraduate and/or graduate level courses that serve as prerequisites. Preparatory courses that are for undergraduate credit only may not be applied toward credit hours required for a graduate degree.