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Postdoctoral position in EEG/gait at Chapman University

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  • Postdoctoral position in EEG/gait at Chapman University

    Dr. Niklas Ignasiak, together with Dr. Rahul Soangra and Dr. Jo Armour Smith in the Department of Physical Therapy, within Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences at Chapman University in Southern California, invites applicants for a Postdoctoral Fellow position, beginning July 2019.

    We seek a postdoctoral fellow to establish an experimental paradigm for the investigation of higher-order neural mechanisms involved in the maintenance of upright body stability during walking and standing. We seek to quantify attention requiring neural processes that promote steady-state and reactive gait stability and which might consequently be utilized during the gait rehabilitation of fall prone elderly person or patients with neurological and musculoskeletal deficits. Our research question will leverage the ability to fully characterize human locomotion in different virtual reality, biomechanical, and cognitive contexts using a Motek GRAIL system, as well as observation of neural control processes using mobile EEG. The aim of the projects is to gain the ability to investigate central cognitive or attentional neural processes that help secure stability during steady-state walking as well as in response to sudden perturbation.

    The candidate will be responsible for establishing the experimental setup and associated processing of the EEG data. The role also includes the design and conduct of the experiments, the data analysis and dissemination. In collaboration with experts in the fields of physical therapy, neuroscience and engineering, the candidate will be involved in securing future funding for associated projects.

    Additional responsibilities include:

    • Setup of experiment infrastructure, including hard- and software
    • Assistance in planning of biomechanical / neurophysiological experiments
    • Oversight and conduct of all experiment procedures
    • Independent analysis of EEG data
    • Participation in biomechanical data processing and analysis
    • Assisting in writing of protocols, reports, manuscripts and grants
    • Publishing of findings in peer-reviewed journals or other scientific formats
    • Presentation of results at scientific conference

    Please see for job application, or contact Dr. Ignasiak at for additional information.