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PhD positions spinal cord injury NMSK modelling, Griffith Univeristy, Australia

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  • PhD positions spinal cord injury NMSK modelling, Griffith Univeristy, Australia

    PhD research scholarships

    Griffith Centre of Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering (GCORE), Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
    GCORE is situated within the Menzies Health Institute Queensland at Griffith University. The main research areas of GCORE are neuromusculoskeletal engineering and orthopaedics, with focus on the development and use of disruptive technologies to enable personalised management of chronic and acute health conditions. We are looking for qualified and motivated individuals for PhD scholarship positions.

    The research project
    We are looking for multiple PhD candidates to be part of a multidisciplinary team of engineers, industrial designers, and clinicians to work on different aspects of a large state-funded project. The research project involves the development and deployment of a computational framework for advanced neurorehabilitation for spinal cord injury. Core aspects of the project involve: (1) developing human machine interfaces using real-time neuromusculoskeletal models to control rehabilitation exoskeletons, cycling ergometers, and functional electrical stimulation, (2) developing personalised neuromusculoskeletal models and finite element models using machine learning and medical imaging, (3) creating predictive simulations of human-machine interaction using optimal control strategies to optimise stress strain in selected musculoskeletal structures, and (4) developing brain-computer interfaces for real-time control of neuromusculoskeletal models via motor imagery using a minimal set of sensors.

    PhD candidate profile

    Successful candidates are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree with first-class honours or second-class honours (Division A) or a Master’s degree. These degrees should incorporate a significant research component in either of mechanical engineering, mechatronic engineering, electrical engineer, biomedical engineering, computer sciences, biomechanics, or related degrees. Essential skills include strong knowledge in rigid-multibody systems, signal processing, and excellent skills in Python and C++ programming languages.

    PhD scholarship

    If successful in securing either an Australian or Griffith funded scholarship, the award will provide living allowances and tuition fees for international students for 3-3.5 years. Similarly, there are scholarships and awards available to domestic students. Please note we are willing to consider applications from individuals who have secured research funding from sources other than the Australian government or Griffith University. However, the funding may not be sufficient to support a full 3-4 year PhD project, and as such externally funded PhDs will be scrutinized closely. More information regarding scholarships funded by Griffith University (see GUIPRS and GUPRS):
    Current Griffith University scholarship offer tax-free annual stipend of $27,596 (2019 rate, Australian dollars). Top up of $5k to $10k per year will be considered for extremely competitive candidates.

    Research setting and facilities
    Situated on the beautiful Gold Coast Campus of Griffith University, our exceptional research facilities include:
    • A state-of-the-art motion capture laboratory, which include the following equipment: 12-Camera Vicon MX systems, 4 AMTI force plates, 1 Bertec split belt instrumented treadmill, 16-channel Zero Wire EMG system, 16-channel wireless Noraxon EMG system, 16-channel wireless Noraxon IMU system, 1 Noraxon capacitive treadmill, and Medilogic pressure insoles, Wearablesensing wireless dry-electrodes EEG system, RT300 rehabilitation ergometer and functional electrical stimulation, HASOMED Rehastim2 functional electrical stimulation.
    • Imaging laboratories (pQCT, DEXA, 3D and acoustoelastography ultrasound systems).
    • Motion capture and medical image processing software.
    • Cell and molecular biology laboratories with imaging and mechanical testing facilities.
    • High end 3D printing facilities.

    We are a large research group, which includes more than 40 members across senior professorial staff, post-doctoral research fellows, and PhD students. Our approach is to work collaboratively, but with a keen focus on research excellence.


    Please note that the University reserves the right to appoint by invitation and to leave positions vacant.

    How to apply

    If you are interested, please first send via email to Prof David Lloyd (, and Dr Claudio Pizzolato ( the items listed below.
    1. CV summarising academic experience
    2. academic transcripts of all degrees (undergraduate, Honours and any other postgraduate degrees)
      1. overall GPA for the degree program(s) of 6.0 (out of 7) or higher (or equivalent)

    3. evidence of having taken postgraduate degree courses which provide training in research methodology
    4. a copy of Masters or Honours research thesis
    5. documentation showing official final mark of the research thesis
    6. copies of the examiners’ reports on the thesis
    7. official information supplied by the awarding university about the grading system used
    8. documentation of relevant research experience including:
      1. copies of articles published in refereed academic journals
      2. copies of fully refereed full conference paper (> 4 pages long)
      3. copies of research project work and associated reports
      4. documentation of research grants received

    9. two academic references

    Applicants will be thoroughly evaluated for merit and suitability. Successful applicants will be notified promptly, after which they will be required to apply directly to Griffith University. Prospective candidates are strongly advised to review the Griffith University application process at Particular attention should be paid to the documentation required and the standards for excellence. International students are advised to review the requirements for Australian Visa applications.