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MiLB Sports Science Coordinator-San Francisco Giants

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  • MiLB Sports Science Coordinator-San Francisco Giants

    As part of the San Francisco Giants Sports Medicine Department, and working in conjunction with the MLB Sports scientist, the MiLB sports science coordinator will work on the applied sports science program development and implementation of data aggregation and sports science technology with the 8 minor league affiliates within the Giants player development system. The MiLB sports science coordinator will closely monitor player’s physiological adaptations to gain meaningful insight into the best plan of care for our athletes on a daily and seasonal basis. This position will also work closely with the analytics department to leverage data on pertinent health and performance trends, and provide insightful reports to players and sports medicine staff.

    : The MiLB Sports Science Coordinator is to work as part of the San Francisco Giants MiLB Sports Medicine Team with the primary objective of researching and implementing the most current and reliable scientific equipment available in order to:
    • Reliably collect data driven feedback on player physiology, workloads, fatigue, and recovery to help determine how to care for and manage player’s energy levels on a daily and seasonal basis
    • The MiLB Sports Science coordinator will be responsible for implementing the daily testing of players physiological responses to training and competition, while working collectively with the sports medicine data analyst on generating valuable trends in the data, and inputting the data into our AMS to generate daily reports for each minor league affiliate.
    • The MiLB Sports Science coordinator is to work closely with the team dietitian by gathering and analyzing physiological data of individual player’s daily energy expenditures during practice and games to create custom tailored nutrition protocols.
    • The MiLB Sports Science coordinator is to be responsible for implementing leading recovery strategies across the player development system.
    • Perform baseline testing on all players at spring training in order to create optimal training programs with the team strength and conditioning coaches
    • Work in collaboration with field staff and analytics at the Giants performance facilities in Scottsdale, AZ
    • Work on facilitation and integration of new technology within MiLB.
    • Work in collaboration with the MLB sports scientist on projects that can assist the MLB staff in gathering data that can be applied to the MLB team

    Job Requirements

    • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science/Sports Science/Kinesiology/Biomechanics or related field
    • Master’s Degree in Exercise Science/Sports Science/Biomechanics or related field preferred
    • NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist preferred
    • Strong background in data management/analytics
    • Strong background in applied use of sports science technology
    • Minimum 3 years applied coaching experience at the professional or collegiate level in the field of sports science

    Any Question regarding the positions can be address to:
    Geoff Head
    Assistant Director of Player Development- Medical
    San Francisco Giants Baseball Associates

    To apply, please go to or email your resume to
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