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Postdoc opportunity in musculoskeletal modelling (RVC, London)

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  • Postdoc opportunity in musculoskeletal modelling (RVC, London)

    We are looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher to join the innovative and diverse physiology-biomechanics community in the Musculoskeletal Biology Group on a Wellcome Trust funded project exploring the effects of age on neuro-muscular coordination of limb movement. Your primary contributions will be 1) to develop a neuro-mechanical simulation of a reaching arm; 2) to simulate how reaching performance changes with age; 3) to work collaboratively with a laboratory technician to experimentally test how aged versus healthy muscles perform a simulated reaching task. Other tasks will include helping team members with data collection and analysis.

    You will work with the Principal Investigator, Dr Chris Richards, as part of a multidisciplinary team of biologists and engineers. You will work both independently and collaboratively with the Richards team to gain novel insights into the effects of ageing through a unique integration of experimental and computational approaches. You will greatly benefit from the unique opportunity to work alongside team members experienced in areas including evolutionary biology, muscle physiology, paleo-biology, X-Ray reconstruction of moving morphology (XROMM) and robotics to generate challenging, innovative and high-impact science.

    Please click here for more information.