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Research Position Open - Medical University of South Carolina

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  • Research Position Open - Medical University of South Carolina

    Research Focus: Our research is focused on developing new upper-extremity neuro-rehabilitation interventions for patients who had a stroke, particularly in fine motor skills such as grasp/release. We test new interventions in clinical trials involving longitudinal, randomized controlled studies. The interventions being tested include peripheral sensory stimulation and 3-dimensional finger force training using visual feedback. We characterize the way upper extremity clinical assessments, muscular coordination (EMG), kinetics/kinematics, and brain dynamics (EEG & TMS) change with the intervention. We have strong interdisciplinary collaboration with neurology, rehabilitation therapy, engineering, biostatistics, and qualitative research.

    PI: Na Jin Seo, PhD
    Associate Professor, Medical University of South Carolina
    Health Research Scientist, Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center
    Faculty Profile: Na Jin Seo PhD. MUSC Health Charleston, South Carolina. Become a student, request an appointment today.

    Possible Position: postdoc, PhD student, research engineer, research therapist, or research coordinator

    The duties may include day-to-day management of the projects which may include recruitment, scheduling, and equipment maintenance, developing experimental protocols/apparatus, providing interventions, administering assessments, data analysis, manuscript writing, and research presentations.

    The PhD degree program is Ph.D. in Health & Rehabilitation Science.
    Our program will uniquely position graduates for independent & team investigation of complex health issues that translates across the lab, clinic and community.

    Required Qualifications:
    • Background in neuro-rehabilitation and/or biomechanics, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, exercise science, or biomedical engineering
    • Experience working with human subjects and/or patients with strokes

    Experience in clinical, biomechanical, and/or neurophysiologic assessments of the upper extremity using standardized clinical assessments, 3D motion capture systems, haptics, EMG, EEG, TMS, and/or associated quantitative analysis is preferred.

    Environment: The vibrant research environment is supported by the following core facilities:
    1. NIH Center of Biomedical Research Excellence in Stroke Recovery encompassing the Quantitative Behavioral Assessment and Rehabilitation, Brain Stimulation, and Neuroimaging Cores

    The Stroke Recovery Research Center works to understand and harness brain plasticity by developing restorative post-stroke therapies inspired by basic science.

    1. NIH Medical Rehabilitation Research Network Center for Neuromodulation for Rehabilitation (NM4R)

    The National Center of Neuromodulation for Rehabilitation works to develop the emerging science of neuromodulation, focusing this knowledge on enhancing rehab.

    1. Center for Rehabilitation Research in Neurologic Conditions

    1. South Carolina Clinical & Translational Research Institute

    Improves health outcomes and quality of life for South Carolina and beyond through discoveries translated into evidence-based practice.

    Contact: Interested individuals may contact Dr. Seo ( with his/her CV and a list of references.