The outstanding properties of biological materials make them attractive as models and inspiration for engineering materials. Current economic and environmental constrains are triggering the development of materials with multiple functionalities, enhanced mechanical efficiency and reduced over-dimensioning. One promising route to meet these challenges is the development of bioinspired architectured materials, with well controlled features sitting at intermediate length scales between component size and microstructure.
The main goal of this project is to integrate computer simulations, 3D multimaterial printing and mechanical testing into a research platform to explore the mechanical efficiency of bioinspired architectured materials. By characterizing bioinspired design principles such as tunable mechanical gradients and helicoidal fiber arrangements, the project shall provide general design guidelines to increase failure resistance of additive manufactured heterogeneous materials. The results shall also guide the development of next-generation bioinspired architectured materials which are flaw-tolerant and which can have a fully programmable failure behavior.

This work will be performed in the Mechanics of Biological and Bioinspired Materials Laboratory within the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Liege (Belgium) in collaboration with research partners located in Europe and US. The candidate should possess a Master’s degree in Engineering (e.g., Biomedical, Mechanical, Materials) or in a closely related field. Previous experience with computer simulation and experimental testing will be an asset. The candidate should also be proficient in English. The position is available starting from April 2020 or on mutual agreement. The total duration of the PhD grant is 4 years and the net monthly salary is around 2.000 Euro.

Applications will be reviewed as received and candidates are encouraged to submit the application no later than 28.02.2020. The application should include a motivation letter (max one page), a detailed CV and the contact information of two referees. Please send the application by email to:

Prof. Davide Ruffoni
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, University of Liege
Quartier Polytech 1, Allée de la Découverte 9, B-4000 Liège, Belgium

For an informal discussion on the proposed project, please contact Davide Ruffoni (