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Post Graduate Research Position - U.S. Army Research Laboratory in Aberdeen, Maryland

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  • Post Graduate Research Position - U.S. Army Research Laboratory in Aberdeen, Maryland

    The United States Army Research Laboratory (ARL), Human Research and Engineering Directorate (HRED), Integrated Capability Enhancement Branch is looking for graduate-level researchers interested in dismounted Soldier and Soldier-system physical performance with an emphasis on advancing augmentation technologies. Position is for 1 year, with possibility for renewal.

    Current research areas include:

    1. The relationship between movement variability and physical performance during dynamic, Soldier tasks (obstacle negotiation, live-fire marksmanship, etc).
    2. Mobility and lethality assessment of Soldier physical performance using laboratory and field measures (motion capture, IMU, etc).
    3. Development of evidence-based physical augmentation strategies for urban operational tasks.

    The anticipated impact of the work is to inform assessment and design of dismounted Soldier physical augmentation systems by using experimental approaches. The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in biomechanics, kinesiology, computer science, physics, physiology, or a related field. Experience with signal processing and analysis (Matlab, Labview, Visual3D, and/or R for Statistical Computing) of human data such as kinetic, kinematic, metabolic, or electromyography data is desired. Additional experience with data analytics, statistical learning, or model development is encouraged. A Master’s degree is preferred, but a Bachelor’s degree with strong, relevant research experience will be considered.

    Responsibilities may include:
    · Assisting in human subjects data collectioninvolving Soldiers performing dismounted Soldier tasks; may include laboratorytasks, obstacle course negotiation, or live-fire marksmanship tasks
    · Signal processing for human movementand/or neuromuscular data
    · Analyzing and reporting results; possiblepublications
    · Possibly assisting in protocol developmentfor new research questions
    Stipend is competitive. There is also the opportunity to present atscientific and Soldier-specific conferences, to publish in scientific journals,and assist in protocol development. Applicants must be a US citizen and pass a backgroundcheck.

    If interested in applying, please send current CV and cover letter to:

    Andrew Tweedell, M.A.
    Research Kinesiologist
    U.S. Army Research Laboratory
    Human Research and Engineering Directorate

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    The position has been filled.