The post-doctoral position will be a 20-month contract renewable to an additional 28-month period. The scientific work will mainly take place at the French National Institute for Sports, Expertise and Performance (INSEP) located in Paris, Bois de Vincennes. The candidate will also have funded missions to the different training locations of the elite track and field, rugby, and ice sports athletes involved in the project.

Position and collaborations

This postdoctoral position is part of the FULGUR project led by Gaël GUILHEM (Laboratory Sport Expertise and Performance, INSEP), supported by the national research agency program “Programme Prioritaire de Recherche Très Haute Performance Sportive” (Grant for research applied to very high performance in sports), within the framework of the Olympic/Paralympic Games that will take place in Paris in 2024. It is anticipated that the results of the project will have direct applications for performance optimization in 2024.
FULGUR is a multi-disciplinary program on high performance in explosive sports that include 9 research centers, 3 sports federations (Athletics, ice sports of bobsleigh and rugby) and 2 companies, with three main objectives:
· Describe the running sprint and main training exercises mechanics of elite athletes in the three sports (segments and centre of mass), in order to better quantify the training load (WP 1)
· Determine the individual musculoskeletal profile of athletes in order to propose individualized training program (WP 2)
· Evaluate the injury risk and propose some prevention solutions based on mechanical analyses. This will be possible using a multi-factorial approach (physiological, biomechanical and psychological approach) (WP 3).
A research engineer will be recruited for the coordination of the project and the transfer for the athletes and coach.

FULGUR objectives – Work Package 1 (WP1)

FULGUR project is composed of 3 experimental work packages. The postdoctoral student selected for the current position will work within the WP1 led by Jean-Benoit MORIN (Full Professor at the University Côte d’Azur, Nice, France) and Jean SLAWINSKI (Researcher at the French National Institute of Sport, Paris). WP1 aim is to quantify the mechanical training load induced by specific sprint exercises and sprint running, with 4 sub-objectives:
· Characterize each sprint-specific exercise in terms of force, power and velocity outputs induced, to allow more precise quantification of the training load induced by each exercise
· Evaluate and better understand the training load induced by intense and complex sprint training sessions (e.g. repeated sprints)
· Estimate, using elastography (in collaboration with other WPs), the amount of muscle damage induced by a typical sprint training session on the hamstring muscles
· Describe the time course of changes in sprint mechanics during repeated sprints performed over different surfaces and estimate the surface-induced weakening of each lower limb muscle after a sprint session
All these objectives will concern track and field, rugby, and ice sport (mainly bobsleigh) French athletes.

Main Tasks required by the post-doctoral position

· Write research protocols and ethics committee authorization when warranted;
· Guarantee a follow-up link with sport federation staff members and athletes, which is key to this WP;
· Collect and analyse Biomechanical data, with contribution to detailed feedbacks to practitioners;
· Organize and run training courses for coaches and federation staff members;
· Write international paper and prepare/present congress material;
· Create tools for transfer of practical knowledge to coaches.


Knowledge - Skills
· High expertise in movement analysis and biomechanics, especially applied to sprinting;
· Training and sport knowledge and background;
· Coach and/or applied scientist with work in a sports performance / high-performance context;
· Good level in French and English language.

Position start
June 2020 (to be adjusted based on the CoVid situation)

Contact for any questions:
Jean-Benoit MORIN, Professor, Université Côte d’Azur:
Jean SLAWINSKI, Researcher, INSEP Paris:
Gaël GUILHEM, SEP Lab Head, INSEP Paris:

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